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10 absolutely illogical things we’ll do when we’re deeply in love

It’s a great feeling to be in love. When you can truly love deeply and wholeheartedly, it is the best gift anyone can be bestowed with. But the sad thing is, sometimes when we are too deeply in love, and with the wrong person, falling too hard may be disastrous.

Whatever it may be, these are 10 absolutely senseless things we are all guilty of when we fall head over heels in love with someone, whether you like it or not.

We overlook their obvious flaws
You dislike smokers and drinkers with a passion but the person you have the hots for is a chimney and a walking bar. Yet somehow, it doesn’t seem to affect you at all. In fact, you tell your friends that you find that part of him really appealing.

We are willing to do anything to make them happy
And I mean anything. As long as it makes them happy, you are willing to do whatever it takes to put that smile on their faces. You are even happy to take the plunge for something bad they have done so that they can be safe. You don’t mind spending all your money in the hopes they will love you as much as you do.

We believe their lies
You choose to believe whatever they say, no matter how unbelievable it may be. Even if you know for sure that something is up, you tell yourself you would rather not know and live in oblivion for as long as you can so as to preserve that perfect image of the man/woman you are so deeply in love with.

We give ourselves fully and totally to them
Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, every single part of you is dedicated to them. And you aren’t even asking for anything in return. You feel happy just thinking that all these sacrifices on your part will be appreciated in time.

We think they will change
Even when we know that it may be impossible for them to make any changes to their bad habits, we make ourselves believe they will. We choose to believe that one fine day, they will come around and become the kind of person we always wanted them to be.

We feel like we cannot live without them
Although we have been able to survive really well up until now without them, their appearance in your life makes you feel that you will never be able to live without them and question how you ever managed without them before.

We are willing to give up anything for them
You are willing to give up anything and everything for the one you love, sometimes to the point of giving up your own life.  When others tell you what you are doing is ridiculous and over the top, you tell them it’s because they don’t know what true love feels like.

We believe that nothing will ever tear you two apart
You believe that the both of you are tied together by the red string of fate and thus, will never be separated. Nothing in this world will be strong enough to tear you apart, not even the appearance of a younger, more attractive person.

We believe in happily ever after
Happily ever after only happens in fairy tales but of course you don’t believe that. You know for sure that you and the one you are utterly in love with will live until a ripe old age and will be so crazy in love until the very end.

We allow ourselves to be manipulated even when we know it’s not right
When the person you love bullies you, you don’t care because it doesn’t matter. You love them too much to even retaliate, allowing yourself to get thrown around like a rag doll so as to satisfy them and make them happy.

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