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10 crazy wedding shoot ideas for couples because #YOMO

Tired of having your wedding photos taken against monotonous local landscapes?

For the brides and grooms in Singapore, we came up with 10 unconventional wedding photography ideas to jazz up your wedding album, and hopefully will make your wedding uniquely memorable.

On the list, some may have already been accomplished, while others are waiting for adventurous pioneers to kick-start a trend. Though perhaps, you may still wish to arrange for a formal de rigueur session at the bridal studio – just in case.

1. Teenage Memoirs

TheBigPlans.com Wedding Photography Singapore
Image via The Smart Local/ Photo by Lushfolio Photography

If the both of you were sweethearts since your secondary school days, why not pull out that old school uniform or PE kit from the deep abyss of your closet, then travel back in time and pay homage to those nostalgic yesteryears?

Visit the school principal or your former teacher (sure would help a lot if you were in their good books) and request for permission to enter the school premise to recreate those teenage days visually?

Win her heart all over again in the basketball court or school canteen, sneak love letters scrawled in illegible handwriting under the table, or doze off on each other’s shoulder with notes and textbooks strewn across the classroom desk.

Can’t fit into those old attire you say? Just head over to one of those shops where they sell school uniforms and buy new ones la.

Just as cha-cha Uncle Sim from the Visa Paywave commercial would say, “So simple!”

2. Courtship Days

Image of Beancurd
Image via tw.tranews.com

Who says you can’t have a wedding photo-shoot at the traditional ‘Tau Huay’ shop where you first held hands, while spoon feeding each other with morsels of bean curd?

What about the moment when you sneaked your first kiss in the cabin at the Singapore Flyer?

Oh…and remember that coconut tree where the both of you were playfully re-enacting a Bollywood scene…okay never mind.

Sure, you’re bound to get amused (maybe even envious) glances from the public, but re-living those lovely courtship memories matters more, doesn’t it?


3. Brave Hearts

Wedding Photography at Cliff
Image via Philbrick Photography

Gung-ho type outdoor adventurers?

How about doing your photo-shoot while scuba diving in clear, turquoise waters with the train of your wedding dress billowing in the rippling currents, against a backdrop of colourful coral reefs and schooling fishes?

If you aren’t afraid of heights, photo shots of the both of you standing near the edge of a cliff overlooking dipping valleys would certainly make your wedding guests gawk in awe.

In our opinion, it is the perfect chance to proof the unbeatable nature of your love and live out the famous lyrics in Savage Garden’s song: “I wanna stand with you on the mountain, I wanna bath with you in the sea…”

It will definitely be no easy feat but for the perfect shoot (and marriage) – anything goes right?

4. Trick-eye Museum

couple at trickeye museum
Image via entersingapore.info

Their elaborately painted landscapes and quirky settings let you travel to just about any place in the world and be anyone you desire quickly, easily, and safely.

Get your groom to dress up as Indiana Jones, and pretend to do his manly stunt on a rickety wooden bridge across deep crevices filled with hot volcano lava. Then he rescues you from the menacing jaws of an alligator, or you could morph into twice his size.

We know it may sound a bit lame for a wedding shoot, but these optical illusions do appear extremely convincing on print.

5. Take the Plunge

Skydiving Couple

For the ‘Buay Kia Si’ adrenaline junkies, jumping out of a plane and plunging towards earth at a death defying velocity would produce amazing wedding shots of gaping mouths and flapping faces – truly priceless!

And don’t forget your parachutes!

The very act itself is an apt metaphor for the dive of courage every newly wed couple has to take. And if this is not really your thing, well…be brave and scream your lungs out in the name of love.

Just make sure your wedding photographer takes the plunge with you and doesn’t get cold feet at the very last minute. Don’t want to risk it? Push him/ her out of the plane first. It always work.

6. Indulge in Extravagance

reindeer pulling sleigh in snow
Image via youtube.com

For couples who have lots of ‘moolah’, consider travelling to the northern hemisphere for a magical fairy-tale wedding shoot.

You could pose on a sleigh ride led by huskies or reindeers across snow-covered lands, fringed with conifer trees underneath breath-taking northern lights.

If you’re a archaeology geek, swing the opposite way instead – toboggan down majestic sand dunes in Cairo and have the ancient Giza pyramids as your wedding photo backdrop. Power sial!

Love will conquer, no matter how harsh the conditions.

7. Lunar Lunar

wedding photography in full moonlight
Image via Pinterest/ Photo by David Moore

With powerful camera lenses, you can have your photographs shot under a blanket of phosphorescent stars, against a brightly lit full moon. Check the lunar cycle to arrange for the best timings.

Better still, plan your photo-shoot to coincide with the phenomenal ‘Wait Long Long’ alignment of the planets or the solar/lunar eclipse.

Even if it means postponing or retaking your wedding shoot after 47 years, 5 months and 3 weeks, it’ll be worth it. Hmm…

8. Wet Scenes

korean drama couple in rain
Image via kdramastars.com

Most wedding photographers would pray for a clear, sunny day to capture beautiful shots but ominous skies don’t always have to ruin your photo-shoot.

In fact, lashing rain and howling winds are commonly featured in drama-mama shows to heighten tension and contribute to climactic scenes. No? Does Korea ring a bell?

Pack some big, transparent umbrellas or just soak it up. Who knows, with a little sunshine and luck, you might even be rewarded with a gorgeous rainbow arch as a bonus!

9. Get Wild

Monk posing with tigers at Tiger Temple
Image via travelonline.com

Ideal for animal-lovers/misanthropists. Complement your ivory gown with fluffy, adorable alpacas or ride into the arms of your prince charming on a white horse.

Dare-devil couples can turn it up a notch by heading to Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Yanasampanno, or better known as the Tiger Temple in western Thailand, to pose with tamed majestic tigers (Attempt this at your own risk).

We’re not too sure if the monks and the tigers would be happy to play along though.

10. Movie Fantasy

Wedding photo Star Wars backdrop
Image via tanyamusgrave.com

To movie fanatics out there, this would be your chance to fly on broomsticks through Hogwarts or to pick a light-saber duel with your partner.

Simply rent some costumes, book a professional studio and hire an Adobe expert to have your deepest movie fantasies fulfilled – at least in your wedding photos.

Don’t forget you are doing a wedding shoot. It’s suppose to be a joyous occasion and you want to capture sweet moments. So avoid certain characters no matter how much a fan you are of them.

That means no zombies, no werewolves, no Gollum…well, you get the idea.

Note: Most of the above require intense, detailed preparation and customised wedding attire in order to pull off. However, those who seek and overcome these challenges will be duly rewarded.

We hope you had fun with these 10 unconventional wedding photography ideas we came up with.

Most importantly, have a great wedding photo-shoot!


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