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10 “don’t” when you’re browsing Facebook with your girlfriend by your side

Ahhh…Facebook. It either makes a relationship or breaks one. And every one of us, whenever we’ve got nothing to do, would just open up the Facebook app to scroll through our newsfeed. But do you know that even that could break your relationship? Yeah, if you did any of these stupid and silly things when your girlfriend is just next to you.

Stopping exactly at a girl’s photo as you scroll through newsfeed
Yes, we all know it’s all bad luck, and you’ve got absolutely no intention to stop there. But there’s actually a way to prevent that: if you stop exactly at a girl’s picture, scroll up immediately. You might miss some stories, but at least, you’ll avoid a quarrel altogether.

Stalking a girl
Are you kidding me? Yes, everyone does that, but don’t do it when your girlfriend is by your side. She might just glance at your screen, and if you’re going through that girl’s images, good luck.

Liking & Commenting on other girls’ photos
Not only will there be a sound, you’ll also attract attention as your girlfriend sees that you’re Liking others’ images instead of hers. A small matter, but a small matter is usually what it takes to a major argument.

Posting status like “Bored…”
Hey, Bro, she’s just beside you and you’ve just said that you’re bored? Are you new to relationships?


Watching videos
Maybe it’s not that serious, but some girls just want you to give her your fullest attention when she’s beside you. Unless, of course, you both are already 老夫老妻.

Going through Facebook newsfeed for…hours
I don’t know what could be so interesting that you’ll spend hours on Facebook, but if you really do so, then your girlfriend deserves to be angry!

Messaging other girls
With Facebook, the image of the other girl is clearly shown in each message. If that isn’t too obvious, I don’t know what is.

Ignoring your girlfriend
Facebook can be very interesting, but if you’re so absorbed in it that you’ve forgotten that your girlfriend is just beside you, good luck.

Lock the phone as you’re doing any of the above
Sounds innocent, right? And well, she won’t see anything right? Wait till you reach the next point…

…unlocking the phone with your ex’s Facebook image as your girlfriend is looking at your screen

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