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10 Facts About Jollibee, The Underrated Fast-food Chain That’s Growing Fast in S’pore

The moment you talk about fast food and the Philippines, there’s bound to be one name that pops out – Jollibee.

And it seems like the company’s mastered the art of getting the flaskiest, crispiest, juiciest fried chicken around (go try it if you haven’t!).

This is also possibly the precise reason why it deserves the attention it’s getting here. Jollibee’s one of the underdog fried chicken brands here, and we’re going to enlighten you with 10 facts as to why it should be on a pedestal or in the Fried Chicken Hall of Fame.

Check these 10 facts out!

All outlets are now Halal
A couple of months back, Jollibee Singapore announced on their Facebook page that they’ve received the stamp of approval from the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura. Yay!

There Are 5 Outlets
In case you’re wondering where you can find them, check these spots out – Square 2, Lucky Plaza, Changi City Point, Paya Lebar Square and finally, the same Lucky Plaza but at Level 6? Guess they’re so much in demand there that they’re on two floors – Basement 1 too!

Jollibee is HUUGE in the Philippines
We’re talking about more than 900 outlets in its home country. It has got to be one of the most dominant fast-food companies in Philippines, period! Ask any friends from the Philippines and they’ll tell you how much they love it. Well, at least that’s the answer we got.

They Operate In Many Countries, OK
The franchise has got outlets in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Brunei, Vietnam, a bunch of other countries in the Middle East and even the States.

Its First Ever Outlet Opened in 1975
Older than you or not? Because it’s sure older than the most of us here. Maybe not as old as McDonald’s or KFC, but old enough.

Before It Became Jollibee, It Used to be an Ice Cream Parlour
In the same year of Jollibee’s inception, its founder and his family, a Mr Tony Tan, started off as a simple ice cream parlour in the township of Cubao. Later on, they changed it into Jollibee. The rest, as they say, is jolly history.

They Opened Up Shop Here in 2013
Yes, and since then, the fried chicken by Jollibee has been reaping its yummy benefits from all the patrons here. In four short years, they’ve expanded to a total of five outlets here. Singaporeans sure love fried chicken, no?

It Was Also a Record Breaker Here
The very first day of sales in Singapore’s pioneer outlet is also a record holding one! Not bad, Singapore, not bad at all.

In 2015, It Broke Into A Four-Figure Digit
Yep, back in that year, Jollibee touched the number 1,000 by finally having that exact number of stores under its belt, with the latest addition being the first-ever store in Dubai.


Its Winning Dish in Singapore
If there’s one particular dish here that’s a favourite, it’d have to be Chicken Joy. Some customers claim that it’s better than the other big names in the market here, but there’s only one way for you to debunk that – head over to the nearest Jollibee outlet and give it a try yourself!

So, when you wanna go and check out Jollibee? We hope you do, pretty soon!



Featured Image: jejim / Shutterstock.com

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