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10 Facts About Pablo Cheese Tart, The Tarts That S’poreans Are Willing to Queue for Hours

Pablo Cheese Tarts are finally here! The super popular food chain from Japan opened the doors to its very first outlet here in Wisma Atria three days ago (8 August 2017), and the queue has been constant and long.

But at the end of the line, the wait is completely worth it. These cheese tarts are creamy and soft on the inside. I’m not joking, it literally melts in your mouth like soft cream. On the outside, you feel so bad to dig into one coz it’s so cute leh.

Here are 10 things you want to know about Pablo Cheese Tarts, now that they’ve landed!

Image: airfrov.com

Free Tickets to Japan
Pablo Cheese Tart is running a campaign with SIA, with a prize of two return tickets to Japan. All you have to do is follow the instructions on their pinned Facebook post, which includes following their Instagram and Facebook pages, and sharing their post and tagging another buddy. Posts shared from 2 to 20  August are counted for participation. Winners will be announced on their Facebook Page on 20 August at noon.

Image: Pablo Cheese Tart Singapore Facebook Page

Baked by “Doneness”
You know how you go to a restaurant and tell the waiter how you liked your steak cooked? Same thing here, but for cheese tarts. While more options are available in Japan, here it’s somewhere between medium and rare, so it’s the perfect mix of wobbly and gooey.

The Story Behind the Cheese Tart
The person who runs Pablo Cheese Tart, Masamitsu Sakimoto, had a bright idea when he stepped into a restaurant one day and ordered steak. He thought – why not have the same idea of doneness like a steak, but on a cheesecake? After many experiments on oven temperatures and baking techniques, he got the results he wanted for a cheese tart that is both unique and exclusive.

Is the Original Recipe Used Here?
Ya la, the flavour you get is the same in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. No compromising because come on lah: It’s a Japan brand leh. They’re well-known for their perfection.

The Cheese Tart Flavours
Go for the signature (it’s never, ever the wrong pick!). You can otherwise choose from a matcha cheese tart with Shiratama and Adzuki bean paste, or the chocolate cheese tart, complete with chunky chocolate bits.

Go Premium
The premium Cheese Tart is DA BOMB. It’s got a crunchy surface you wouldn’t expect a cheese tart to ever have, but with the richness of a crème brulee. Are you drooling already?

Pablo Minis
Prefer tiny bites of happiness? Pick between plain, chocolate and matcha mini cheese tarts. Great if you’re on the go all the time!

Pablo Twist
Try out the original Cheese Soft Serve as a topping for any cold drink of your picking.

Sabrel Cheese
Imagine a cookie that’s the flavour of parmesan cheese, and sandwiched with gouda cheese for its cream filling. Light, crispy yet oh-so-fulfilling.

Cheese Soft Serve Ice Cream
Get it in a cup or a cone, and if you wanna be really fancy, try the matcha flavour!

There you have it. Time to get on the MRT and head on over to Pablo’s Cheese Tart today. Operation hours are from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. daily.

Just be prepared to queue. At least for the next few weeks.

Featured Image: Pablo Cheese Tart Singapore Facebook Page

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