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10 facts that your hairdresser is hiding from you—you really need to know them!

Whenever you visit your hairdresser, she would most likely greet you with a large smile. And whatever you say, she’ll smile and nod, but do you know what’s going on in her mind? Well, well, well…this is pretty exclusive, but if you think about it, it’s pretty common sense, too!

She hates cutting hair
Hairdressers’ basic salary is usually pretty low, and it’s through commission that they’ll earn more. Cutting hair would mean 30 minutes wasted on a $12 job, and most importantly, the opportunity cost when a walk-in customer comes in and says, “Dye hair.” So, now you know that smile is actually pretty sad, ha!

She knows the limit of what your hair can be like
Maybe you’re very specific about what you want, but unless you’ve got treatment like celebrities, you’re not going to have celebrities’ hair. And what images do we usually show to our hairdresser? Celebrities.

She hates the phrase “cut a little bit”
How little bit is little bit? If you can show the precise length, she’ll be happy to cut it. But if you just say a little bit, how the hell would she know how little is little?

She hates cutting children’s hair
It’s a challenge to keep the child still, and it’s even a bigger challenge to deal with parents who delegate everything to the hairdresser, but give her a dressing-down when she holds the child’s head too tight. This isn’t a childcare centre!

She hates people who are late for their appointment
Just because customers are paying, they expect the hairdresser to wait for them. Well, go eat shit, because all it takes is one late customer to make all other paying customers wait. Respect your hairdresser’s time.

She hates customers who eat when their hair is being done
Maybe you argue that you didn’t move your head, but you move your jaws that will make your head move a little. When everything is about precision, it’s a challenge—imagine cutting the nails of a shaking hand. How do you feel now?

She’s pushing the salon’s products to you not because she gets a commission, but because you’re important to her
We won’t focus on why “you’re important to her” yet (it’s the last point), but when she recommends any product to you, it’s not because she has yet to hit the sales target. It’s because she knows what works best for you. If she’s pushing for sales, she’ll recommend you to dye your hair, not buy a shampoo.


She really hopes you’ll tell your friends about her skills
In hairdressing, it’s not about advertising on TV or Facebook to gain new customer—every single lead is a referral or a walk-in. Over 60% is a repeat customer, so referral is much more important than walk-in. So do her a favour!

She likes to talk to you about anything and everything
Just like a taxi driver, the entire day of a hairdresser is just merely facing hair. If you’re open to a chat, why not just talk to her? About anything. If not, she can spend the entire day not talking to anyone at all.

You’re her advertisement
The moment you walk in, have your hair done and walk out, you become your hairdresser’s advertisement. People will ask where you get your hair done, and ta-da: you’ve just referred one customer unknowing. This is precisely the reason why you’re important to her, and she’ll do her best for your hair—because it’s not just about you, it’s about her, too!

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