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10 good reasons why having a girlfriend who eats a lot is wonderfully blissful

We Singaporeans like to eat, don’t we? Isn’t it even better if we, as guys, have a girlfriend who likes to eat a lot? Or even to the extent of being obsessed with food, as if she’s the next ladyironchef or danielfooddiary?

If you’ve got such a girlfriend, cherish her if you’ve not done so, because you’ve got one of the best girlfriends ever due to these good reasons:

She’ll choose where to eat
Doesn’t that take a load off your chest? Trust me, the biggest problem a couple faces every weekend is deciding where to eat. She has just single-handedly solved the greatest problem ever.

She knows where’s the best place to eat
A date with her would mean having just the best food. No more being a guinea pig and wasting calories on sucky food!

You won’t need to have headaches on where to go on a date
Because she’ll be happy with food. Food. And more food. No need to plan for romantic staycations or romantic and sweaty walks in the park!

You’ll save a lot of money
Movies, staycations or admissions to concerts require lots of money. A meal, especially one in a hawker centre, is so damn cheap that you’ll save lots of money from each date.


You’ll enjoy good food
Same same as #2, but different. All your dates would be good food since she’s already taken the sucky food when she’s alone or out with friends—I hope.

She’ll be a good cook
Usually someone who likes to eat likes to cook too, right? She’ll dish out meals that is both heavenly and affordable—what more can you ask for?

You’ll grow fat together
A common process in a couple, growing fat together means the both of you are meant for each other and people would admire you guys, as it implies that you’re feeding each other regularly. Actually, I don’t know what I’m writing—I just want to have an excuse for being fat after eating too much.

You’ll never go hungry
Those leftovers during the weekends could probably feed you for an entire week. Yahoo!

You can show off to your friends with your food-filled Instagram
And they’ll all think you’ve a good life, for in the online world, you just eat, eat and eat. What better way to impress others?

You’ll get to travel often
Because there’re just this number of stalls and restaurants in Singapore, going overseas with your girlfriend has become a norm. Yahoo to trips with girlfriend!

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