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10 hidden struggles of a good boyfriend that all girls should really know

Korean dramas, chick flicks, romantic novels, twitter, tumblr, all of which are the culprits for setting impossibly high standards for boyfriends everywhere, and usually created by girls with their ideas of an “ideal boyfriend“. Today, Today up Feed wants to bring out something different and expose the other side of the story: The hidden struggles of a good boyfriend.

Earning money for girlfriends to spend
If you’re a guy that belongs in a “Man-pack“, you’ll be familiar with the scenario of a fellow buddy who needs help paying for the street soccer cage because he have a girlfriend to “provide for“. Although the idea of a man paying for dates is probably outdated, the truth is, a guy in a relationship spends far more money than one who’s single, and it’s usually for the girl. For all you know, he might be eating bread with plain water for lunch and you wouldn’t know, because his ego wouldn’t allow him to show it.

Trying to be that guy
A sincere boyfriend would read all that relationship advice, scourge the internet to find out what you secretly hate, trying to fit the description of Twitter’s “perfect guy”, which can sometimes resemble “22 year old, owns a car, a condo, at least 180cm tall, has big chest and broad shoulders, have six packs, perfectly trimmed moustache, etc” where most 22 year old are barely out of NS and still struggling in university.

Carrying her bag
Looking at her getting tired aches his heart, so he is compelled to help her carry it. However, a woman’s handbag isn’t exactly the most manly looking thing on a guy. Not to mention getting stared at wherever you go.

Trying not to feel insecure
Girls love confidence, so guys try to look confident, while in reality most of them don’t. So when a girl speaks to or looks at another guy, her boyfriend would be acting all cool about it, while below the surface, he is screaming for her to stop.

Trying to make her happy
We all know that it is the guys who make the moves, plan the dates, etc. So while the girl gets to sit and wait to be pampered, the guy racks his brains out on how to pamper them without getting bankrupt.


Man-ing up
We’ve all seen movies with guys giving women their jackets when she feels cold. It feels romantic as shit but all the guy is probably feeling is cold. Other examples include catching insects both of them are equally afraid of, doing the dirty or heavy chores she doesn’t want to, etc. Yes, there are guys who screams at the sight of cockroaches as well.

Trying not to look at other girls
It is simply both physically and mentally impossible for a guy not to notice an attractive woman. Guys are hardwired this way, but girls don’t seem to understand that so they try their very best to develop a tunnel-vision that looks only at his girlfriend when she’s around. They usually fail though.

Not meeting friends for her
Guy friends are extremely important for guys. They’re who they go to when they need to indulge in a testosterone-laden environment and drop all that pretense of being sensitive and horse-shit. When they’re deprived of their buddy, they get miserable.

Listening to her
Girls thrive when they feel connected, and the way to it is communication. A good boyfriend listens to his girl, even though he probably don’t understand what’s the big deal about nails, or hair, or wearing the same clothes as a colleague.

Giving 100% trust
Every time some news pop up about a guy losing everything he has to a woman, every guy in front of the television will have this little knot tied up in his abdomen. If he proposes to you despite hearing those horror stories about marriage, he really loves you.

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