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10 innocent things that boyfriends secretly hope their girlfriend will stop doing NOW

Having a girlfriend sometimes is the best experience ever when you spend time together on dates and doing activities together. Sometimes even the best girlfriend can be a little annoying and certain things they do will drive you up the wall. Here are somethings that girlfriends should do with caution in order not to cause conflicts.

The grass is greener on the other side and sometimes girlfriends get this feeling that you may not be doing enough for them and this makes them compare your actions with the actions that their friends do. For instance they may remark that A’s boyfriend just bought her a gift and why didn’t you do that. Although a little competion is good, but sometimes overdoing it can cause trouble.

Checking on them
Knowing the whereabouts and activities of your boyfriend is a way that girlfriends show their care and concern for you, however if they are constantly texting you and demanding a real-time update on your every activity, then it would be a little overbearing and controlling

They say the key to a man’s heart is their stomach, unfortunately not everyone is blessed with the culinary skills of a chef and sometimes cooking for your boyfriend may not be the key to his heart, especially if you cook something that is not exactly palatable.

Too much of a good thing may be bad, this is very true when it comes to checking your boyfriend’s social media accounts. It’s good that you use social media to find out more about your boyfriend and getting to know him better. But it would be creepy and annoying if you comment about the picture on his Facebook or Instagram from ages ago.


Stupid questions
Asking stupid questions may be a deal breaker in your relationship, especially if you ask your boyfriend questions such as “does wearing this dress make me look fat”, or “Am I getting fat”

Talking non stop
Boyfriends would love to know more about you and your daily life, however if you constantly go on and on about anything and everything under the sun, then it may become annoying. Even if you don’t need a break from talking, perhaps spare your poor boyfriend’s ears a moment of peace?

Trying to play games
It’s sweet to know that girlfriends want to spend time doing stuff you like, but if they are not good at it them it may become annoying. For gaming, if your girlfriend is not exactly good at it but insists on playing with you, then it may be annoying to be constantly watching out for her and not have her dragging the team down

Attracting attention
Sometimes boyfriends may be busy and occupied with stuff they are doing, but throwing a tantrum and expecting him to pacify you by giving you attention may not be the wisest method to gain his attention

When deciding on where to go and what to eat, if your boyfriend gives you options to choose, saying anything isn’t the best way to solve the problem. Here are 2 reasons why. Firstly, giving you options to choose is a way of respecting your decision and secondly, he may also not be sure of his own choice, thus he asks you for your opinion

It’s Ok
Boyfriends are not exactly the best mind readers out there and if you say it’s ok after looking sad, it would be hard for them to guess what has happened and instead of saying it’s ok, perhaps try telling them what’s the problem and work out a solution together.

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