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10 lies that all boyfriends would have told their girlfriends before

It’s not really that men like to lie but they have to maintain this illusion that he is the “perfect boyfriend” in the girl’s mind, doubtlessly created by countless Korean dramas and romance novels. So, to avoid being discarded like an old pillow, boyfriends  have to tell their girlfriends lies constantly. There is no malice though, so no harm just believing him and feeling good yourself.

This is delicious
Come on, you probably don’t find that spaghetti tasty either, so what do you expect your boyfriend’s reaction to be when he eats the exact same food? He might say that your cooking is the best because he appreciates the effort you put in (and maybe because the knife is still on the table within your reach).

You look pretty when you cry
You’ll have to be pretty thick to believe this one. He probably felt like he’s defusing a bomb and he’s definitely trying his very best not to cut the wrong wire. And we all know people look like circus clowns when they’re crying.

You are the prettiest women I have ever seen
Do you honestly think you’re on par with the likes of Emma Watson and Kate Upton?

I dont watch porn
Is that bullshit I smell? He probably jerk off twice a day too.

You’re SO funny
Actually after years of interacting with girls most of the guys have agreed that most of the girls can’t tell a joke to save their ass. They usually take damn long to understand jokes too. Or worst, they need an explanation.


I love this movie
If he said he enjoyed watching Titanic with you, he’s lying. Other than the part where Jack is drawing Rose, the rest is just a freaking horror film. Because while you relate yourself to the women floating away from the doomed ship, the guys relate themselves to those left on the ship. And it is really traumatizing. Same shit with The Notebook. The girl lives in a fancy mansion while the guy rots in misery. Is that what you all call romance?

I will never lie to you
There is a reason we are writing this article, you know.

I don’t appreciate sexist jokes
He’s probably also not appreciating the fact that you’re out of the kitchen… Sandwiches don’t make themselves you know?

Your family is awesome
Meanwhile he’s wondering what your father will use to lop his head off if you run to him and complain.

I missed you
He is probably wondering why you had to meet up again so soon.

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