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10 little things you should do daily to keep your girlfriend happy AF

Let’s face it, guys can never understand women. It’s so hard to be a ‘good’ boyfriend, especially when you are everything but the least sensitive or what your girlfriend calls ‘understanding.’ You don’t know how or when you’ve stepped on her tail and the next thing you know her face turns black and she starts the silent treatment.

Guys, does that sound familiar? Then you got to read this. Here are 10 little things you can do daily to keep your girlfriend happy AF. You really don’t want to see a woman’s wrath.

Send her a morning text
“Good morning beautiful” or some cliché sweet romantic messages because girls are funny strange creatures. They need that sweet morning text and a love or heart emoji to know that you still love her.

Express your concern
Show your concern to her because they’d think you stopped caring if there is no message asking her how’s her day. Your girlfriend might think she has suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth and nobody gives a shit about her.

Keep the conversation going
Send appropriate amounts of texts throughout the day, but be careful not to do it excessively or it can get annoying. But if both of you are big fans of texting. You can generally text 24/7.

Know what she’s doing
You should know what she’s doing that day; working, studying or going on a shopping spree with her BFFs. That way you’d know when is a good time to text or if you are disturbing her way too much.

Fetch her to work/school
Offer to fetch her to work or from work if it is on the way. It’s the initiative that counts.

Mini surprises
Surprise her with a lunch box or even a homemade drink if time permits. Meet her during your lunch hours or after school with these surprises to brighten up her day. It’ll work better if she was having a bad day.

Compliment her
Girls need compliments and praises, and frequently. Compliment on her new outfit if she is wearing one or simply calling her beautiful. This will boost her confidence and she’ll feel happy and thankful for you. Don’t forget to praise her exotic style if she sends you her OOTD. You’re looking at sucide.

Like her pictures on Instagram
If she found out you liked some other girls’ photos without liking hers, you’re also looking at suicide.

Talk to her
Talking to her physically or on the phone. Give her a call before the end of the day for small talks or simply listening to her rant about her day.

Goodnight text
It doesn’t have to be the mushy goodnight text, but something to let her know you’re thinking of her.


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