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10 most common yet hidden relationship problems S’poreans must resolve NOW if not…

1. You are constantly bored.
Okay, Singapore is small, but if you find yourselves always doing nothing and being bored out of your mind, it’s not a good sign. Relationships need some excitement now and then to keep the spark going.

2. One of you is easily jealous.
Come on, this is Singapore. You can’t expect your partner to avoid talking to the opposite sex forever. Talk it out between the two of you before things worsen to become accusations.

3. Threatening to break up.
This is one of the biggest problems. Stress from work can easily make you very frustrated but it’s not a good idea to treat your relationship so carelessly.

4. Broaching the BTO flat topic.
So you want to BTO but your partner doesn’t seem to be ready yet, or maybe it’s the other way round. There is really no proper way to solve this except to honestly talk it out so that you know where this relationship is going.

5. Relying on social media.
It’s not cool to keep posting intimate photos of you and your partner on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t constantly share your relationship with the world because you are not dating the entire world. Keep some special moments private, just between both of you.

6. Clash between families.
With so many races and religions, it’s hard to avoid clashes in values and beliefs. Both of you have to constantly mediate between your families to get their full support for the relationship to grow.

7. Growing out of the “honeymoon” phase.
Whether you are newly-weds or just got together, this problem is definitely going to happen sooner or later. Accept the fact that you can’t stay in the honeymoon phase forever, but you also have to keep things fresh so that the relationship doesn’t become a chore.

8. Money issues.
Singaporeans all love their money. But you have to draw the line somewhere. If your partner is constantly expecting you to pay or borrows money without returning, it’s a serious issue that you need to address before arguments start.

9. Work-life balance.
Everyone might be busy with work and chasing their career dreams, but both of you have to strike a balance between work and relationships. Not easy, but many people have done it so far.

10. Apologies.
Some say that the guy should always apologise, while some say that girls should be more soft-spoken. There’s not definite right or wrong. Do what fits best with both your personalities so that neither of you feel wronged.


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