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10 most hilarious S’pore TV commercials that will still make you laugh today

Even on our tiny island, we have all seen commercials that have made us scratch our heads, cried and rolled on the floor with laughter. It’s amazing how those companies thought up of those kinds of advertisements. Where in the world did all those ideas come from? I bet some of the agencies who helped are probably looking back on those now and wondering what happened too. So what are some of the most hilarious TV commercials you have seen back then that still tickle your funny bone today?

That Scott’s Emulsion kid

There was an English ad Chinese version of this advertisement but the Chinese one really set people off laughing. If you were born in the 90s, you will know the lyrics to this ad as soon as I mention it. Those little kids trying to button up their tiny tops, I hope they have slimmed down since then.

The weird Ah Beng and Ah Lian Subway ad

Two very interesting but rather irritating characters, one male and one female, took our televisions by storm usually after prime time. An ah beng-ish looking guy would be on at one time and the next, you would see an ah lian-ish looking lady. I’m sure it was all in good fun and a bid to capture some after hours attention and it worked definitely. But for a late sleeper like me, I just pray they don’t decide to re-run those ads.

Swinging baby McDonald’s ad

You have to remember this one! A baby sits on a swing that is swinging back and forth and every time the baby swings upwards in front of the screen, he breaks out into a fit of giggles. After a couple of swings, you realise that it’s because the baby sees the McDonald’s signature ‘M’ sign every time he swings upwards and is super happy. That was an amazingly adorable and if you love babies, you would have let out countless awws and ahhs and giggled together with the little bugger.

Chua En Lai in that IKEA ad

“Dong si zai na li?” Sounds familiar? And that ardent “Wo zhen de bu zhi dao” reply from him. We had to applaud him for trying because any blue-blooded Singaporean will know how good he is with the language. My brother decided it was a good idea to reply that exact sentence whenever my parents asked him where the food went.

 “Anything” and “Whatever”

A lot of us still do this now but because it was going around so much online one period of time, drinks were manufactured to these words in a bid to make ordering your drinks easier and, expectedly, more interesting. Even the advertisement to promote these products was so colloquial it was so funny.

M1 Indian Restaurant ad

“Eh! Mumbai dah!” I wish this ad had continued its run for longer. It was so funny the first time any of us watched it and even now, I still cannot hold it in when I come across it. That Indian fella in the ad by the way is Singaporean.

Mocca Bodybuilder ad

So cheesy but still manages to bring a smile to any face. Way to go to selling a house though. Perhaps DWG can learn something from it.

That ERP McDonald’s ad


Meant to promote their value items, this ad got us wondering what the heck at first, then “wa lau eh” next, and finally “MacD’s did it again!”. However irritating it got, you have to admit that you always let out a giggle at the end.

Heineken walk-in wardrobe ad

No Singlish or Singaporeans in this ad but since it was on our local television, it counts. The men crying with joy over that proud moment when a walk-in beer fridge was opened in front of their eyes made me tear with laughter too. How apt! And how gender proper!

Phua Chu Kang Sar-vivor rap
It was so corny but because this character was so popular at that time, and the fact that his contractor stance is really funny actually, it received a pretty good number of views and reviews. “SARS is the virus, that I just want to minus” anybody?

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