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10 really sad differences between breakup in your teens and breakup in your 20s

Remember the first time that you had your heart broken? For most people, it would be very memorable. However, as we age and experience more things in life, the way that we handle relationships and breakups evolve. Let’s take a look at how breaking up in our teens and in our 20s are different.

Knowing when to breakup
Teens: You need your friends to point out why the relationship isn’t working
20s: You do that just fine yourself.

Before the breakup
Teens: Practicing and rehearsing for hours on how to say “Let’s breakup”.
20s: Being able to talk about breaking up logically.

Talking about the problems
Teens: Find it hard to express your thoughts in words.
20s: Being able to communicate your feelings honestly.

Breakup process
Teens: Usually over the phone or via text messages.
20s: Face to face at either party’s house.

Image: wtop.com
Image: wtop.com

Duration of the relationship before the breakup
Teens: A couple of months.
20s: A couple of years.


After the breakup
Teens: Hide from all civilisation and bawl your eyes out for a month.
20s: The exact same thing as during your teens, except this time round with the addition of alcohol.

Image: www.eligiblemagazine.com
Image: www.eligiblemagazine.com

Updating your social media accounts
Teens: Post emo status updates with cryptic messages and change relationship status. If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.
20s: Can’t be bothered with updating social media. People will eventually find out on their own.

How your friends react after the breakup
Teens: Reassure you that there is nothing to worry about and that you’ll find someone better.
20s: “Life goes on.”

How you handle the memories shared together
Teens: Keep all the letters, presents and text messages that you’ve ever sent to each other.
20s: Throw out everything that reminds you of your ex and start from a clean state.

After breaking up for a period of time
Teens: You move on fast and are ready to meet someone else.
20s: You know that you’ll never be able to forget your ex and the relationship.

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