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10 reasons why a girl who likes hawker food is the best girlfriend

Girlfriends come in all shapes and sizes, and all sorts of personalities, don’t they? Now, before I carry on with this article, let me just say that no matter what our girlfriend is like, we still love them anyway, don’t we?

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get on with this article. When you bring your girlfriend out to eat, do they make demands on where they want to dine at? In a food haven like Singapore, we’re pretty much spoiled for choice, from hawker and food centres to cafes, restaurants and everything in between.

Here’s our take on why the girlfriend who don’t mind roughing it out in hawker centres with you is the best girlfriend ever.

You get to save much more money
This, of course, is probably the best reason why they’re the best. We don’t get hit that hard in the wallet. While your girlfriend might be a believer in going dutch, you’ll still need to spend more because you’ll have to pay for your own meal at a more expensive place, when you could have been eating just as well in a hawker centre, right?


She knows the importance of money
She knows that just by enduring a bit of discomfort, she’s able to save on that much money. That’s not just best girlfriend material, that’s perfect wife-material.

She doesn’t suffer from Princess Syndrome
For guys who don’t know what “princess syndrome” is, you’re lucky and we hope you’ll never find out. A girlfriend with “princess syndrome” expects her boyfriend to treat her like a princess, that means you have to pamper her like she’s the queen of New Orleans which includes eating at high-end restaurants, buying expensive gifts for her and serving her hand and foot all the time. Serious.

She sticks with you through thick and thin
Girls who love hawker centres are able to take hardships, or at least, ignore discomfort, and these are the type of woman who’s likelier to stick together with you through not just the good times, but bad times as well.

It’s easier to make her happy
Imagine the reaction of a girl who always goes to high-end restaurants and you bring her to one, she’ll be thinking, oh that’s nice, but that’s it, right? Now imagine the reaction of a girl who rarely goes to high-end restaurants. If you bring her to one for a special occasion, she’ll be able to better appreciate the gesture, no? As a bonus, she won’t mind that you’re buying her the meal with a voucher from deal.com.

You don’t have to dress up all the time
Go to a coffee shop in flip flops and singlet and you’ll feel right at home. But if you’re going to something classier than that, you’ll have to dress up a bit better because if not, very paiseh, right? Rather than having to dress up for every single date, you can opt to dress casually and not worry about being judged when you’re dining.

She takes less time to get ready
After all, hawker centres aren’t really the best places to take any OOTD, and why should she dress up when she knows she’s going to end up sweating like mad and smelling like a mixture of cooked food anyway?

She doesn’t get together with you because of money
If you’re worried that your girlfriend is a gold digger, your worries would probably be put to rest when you come to know about her willingness to eat at hawker centres. After all, if she’s really in the relationship because of money, she’ll get you to bring her to restaurants and expensive places to eat at before the relationship ends, right?

She loves you
The relationship isn’t just about her. It’s about you and her. She might love to eat at air-conditioned places, or she might not like the fumes from hawker centres. But she still goes to hawker centres with you. That’s because she truly loves you and thinks of your situation whenever she asks for something.

She’s probably ready to marry you
If she knows that she’s ready for you to pop the question, she’ll start helping you to save money, because you’ll probably need it for the future. She also knows that the moment you two take the next step in life, your money is her money, her money is her money. #TrueFactofLife

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