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10 reasons why a practical boy is the best boyfriend to marry

A husband is different from a boyfriend.  A husband will build a future and start a family together with you, but your boyfriend can choose not to. Your husband will most likely share (read: be forced to) his money with you, but your boyfriend doesn’t have to. We don’t know whether you’ll be able to stick together with your boyfriend till he becomes your hubby, but if your boyfriend is the practical type, then we strongly advise you to marry him. Why? Because he’s the perfect husband material!

No rivals
Come on, most girls prefer romantic guys. Practical guys turn most girls off because they don’t believe in being romantic and isn’t really generous towards girls.  So no matter whether now or in the future, you don’t have to worry about any potential love rivals because everyone sees him as a miser. Only you know that he’s practical. Keep that to yourself.

Being practical would probably means that he only spends on what he deems as necessary and essential. By the time the both of you are going to get married, chances are he won’t have a problem coming up with the money. And best of all, after you marry, his money is your money, your money is your money. Good deal, no?

Financial whiz – or at least always have some saved up for rainy days
We mentioned that he’s thrifty, didn’t we? A miser would just hoard money, and spend only on things he like. A practical man, on the other hand, saves money for a purpose. He’ll spend whatever is necessary to keep things going, and yet have some saved up for rainy days. You can be sure that you won’t end up sleeping on the streets if something disastrous happen, because he is always financially prepared.

Being practical means that he understands how this world actually works, therefore, he will be realistic and gets down to work. He’s not the NATO(no action talk only) type of husband. He’ll be the type of guy that will dream of improving the lifestyle of the family and gets around doing it. Yup, most likely he’s the type who does things but never say it out loud. A hubby that’s seen but not heard, sounds like a dream!

Making the right choices
They’re down to earth, realistic and practical which means they don’t usually engage in high risk investments and even if they do, they’ll only set about doing it if they’re 90% confirm about a certain thing. So you can be sure that if they do something, they’ve done a lot of due diligence before even starting.

Dependable and reliable
And because he’s able to make the right choices, you feel secure relying on him for stuff. That’s what a husband is for anyway!

More money for you
Being practical may mean that he knows what to spend on. Therefore, he’ll have the extra cash to spend on you. So get ready to be surprised by him during this valentine’s day!

He won’t change
How many times have you heard your girl friends complaining how their partner has changed after entering a marriage? But you don’t have to worry if your boyfriend is the practical sort. Because if he’s not romantic right from the start, he probably won’t be the romantic even after marrying you. So you already know what it’s like to be married to him.


He won’t break off with you easily
There are some men out there who’s as emotional as women and breaks off a relationship over little things. On the other hand, we have practical guys like him who is logical enough to resolve most arguments and only get out of the relationship if he felt that it’s impractical to hold on.

You don’t have to be the practical one
Because he has already done that dreadful job for you. You have all the rights to be as childish and as playful as you want, since he’ll be the one that is handling all the adultish things.

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