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10 romantic gestures only a woman who really love you will do for you without complaining

Giving you alone time
She understands when you just need to be left alone with a beer and your video games. She doesn’t  pester you to take her on a date when you are super tired.

Initiate conversations
She doesn’t always expect you to take the initiative to talk to them about your day. She asks you about yours even before you ask her about hers, showing her genuine concern.

Giving you privacy
She respects your privacy and doesn’t ask to look through your phone or internet browsing history. She  doesn’t log into your accounts without telling you.

Giving you freedom
She doesn’t restrict you from having a drink or two with your group of friends, be they guys or girls. She respects you as a person and doesn’t tell you when to go out or come back.

Taking care of you when you are sick
This might seem like a given, but you should appreciate it. She could have just thrown you a box of Panadol and spend the time going out with her girlfriends.

Making your favourite dishes
It’s an even bigger deal if she doesn’t usually cook. Learning how to make your favourite food shows that she wants you to be happy.

Going to family gatherings with you
Let’s face it, not all of us are comfortable with meeting a bunch of probing relatives and critical aunties. She wants to be a part of your life and shows it by putting up with the criticism and questions.


Defending you
She politely defends  you whenever her friends or family bring up your minor flaws, such as drinking or smoking. She never puts you down in front of them.

Putting thought into gifts
She makes you a customised card and thinks for a long time about your gifts. And no, she never ever gives up and just get a gift voucher/card instead.

Spending time with you just because
She doesn’t really care what activities both of you are doing as long as you can spend time together. You could spend half the day playing video games and she doesn’t mind just reading a book beside you or playing the game with you.

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