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10 smartest ways to tame a girlfriend who is addicted to shopping without offending her

Do you have a girlfriend who just. Won’t.Stop.Shopping? You hate having to spend hours every week walking around the malls, you hate seeing money fly away over clothes that she’ll only wear once, and you heart aches when she uses your money instead.

You care about her(and your wallet), and you would do anything to help her overcome her overspending (and to a larger extent save your wallet). Now, this is not about being cheap. Overspending can destroy relationships. To resolve this, you need to be strategic and tactful.

Draw attention away from shopping
If she is obsessed with shopping, she’ll most likely include it in your daily conversations. And that is where you will strike first. Next time she starts going off about that new dress or a sale at Bugis, you gently change the subject. Talk about how pretty her eyes are. Or simply go and take a shit. After you’re back, don’t let her start again. Talk about her hair, or the weather.

Discuss about the purchase
If you’re always shopping with her, then you get to influence her spending. Ask her if she really needs a new dress. Remind her about the other one she bought and only wore once. Tell her to buy only after she’ve worn all her other clothes more than 5 times. And sell those that she won’t be wearing again.

Say the dress is ugly
As in, don’t be too harsh or she’ll know you did it on purpose. Go along the lines of “It makes your chest look flat” or “It looks old”. And don’t call her a cow, please.

Keep away from ex stuff
This is quite obvious, especially if you’re paying. Shopaholics are not known to look at price tags.

Stay away from sales
If she bought a $100 jeans at $70, she just spent $70, not save $30. Sales are the places where people really overspend.

Plan ahead
Book a pair of movie tickets, or set a reservation at a restaurant. That way, you give her no choice but to stop her shopping. And she’ll feel loved by your efforts too.

Take her out to the woods
Tie her up and leave her there. Return twice daily to conduct feeding. Bring her out to MacRitchie or Mount Faber, basically anywhere away from the malls. She won’t be able to shop there, right?


Tell her you have no money
You accidentally scratched your father’s car and spent quite a bit at repairs and is financially tight for the time being.

Use excel
Set up an excel sheet and use it to record her spending. This is harsh already but you have to do it when all other methods fail. Showing her how much she actually spends on unnecessary stuff might just convince her to stop buying.

Destroy her credit card
Pulverize these satanic plastics. They’re the highway to overspending. When she sees the flowery notes leaving her hands whenever she buys, she’ll think twice about spending. Take note that shopaholics usually have more than one credit card, and they’re good at hiding them.

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