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10 subtle signs that your relationship is moving on the right direction

How good is your relationship right now? Have you ever wondered if the relationship you have with your partner is moving in the right direction?

Here’s 10 subtle signs that your relationship is moving on the right direction – the direction being the end point of dating; which is marriage!

You don’t have to do things with your bf/gf
You used to go on movies or hanging out at town when you were dating but not too much now. You both have a favourite café that you guys frequent instead to have chill sessions.

Lesser arguments
There are generally lesser arguments on the same topic. Both of you are able to talk it out instead of all the dramatic quarreling.


Solve problems together
Another factor for lesser arguments is solving the problem. Together.

Lesser insecurities
You don’t have the need to keep checking on your partner, worrying excessively or being too self-aware. Because there’s trust between you two and you’ve kicked out 80% of your insecurities since dating your partner.

Bring out the best in each other
Apart from being happy together, it takes a certain quality to bring out the best in each other. It is essential to be motivating and improving each other’s lives.

Working hard on your own
You don’t have to constantly be with your bf or gf. You both work hard on your own.

Making plans for the future
Making plans for the future is one way you know the relationship is working. Both of you know what you want to achieve and there’s room for each other in your future.

Excited about your future
Getting excited about your future – with your partner in it. This thought may seem scary on certain days, but you should be genuinely happy what both of you are going to be.

Say no without explaining yourself
You already know your bf/gf too well and you don’t need explanations when they say ‘No.’ They might be too tired to attend that party with you, or they have different priorities.

Stopped asking ‘What can I get’ and thinking ‘What can I give’
Instead of always asking what you can get from your partner in the relationship, start thinking what you can give. Love is about giving and sharing, though not too much to the extent of your partner only being the receiver.

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