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10 tactful ways to hint to your girlfriend that she’s shopping too much

Girls love to shop, but if you have a girlfriend that is on a shopping spree, these are the 10 tactful ways to hint to your girlfriend that she’s shopping too much.

Fully packed
If you’re staying together, let her know that the house is fully packed of her items, of course, in a nice tone or she’ll be mad at you. Tell her that the wardrobe is full of her clothes, if she buys some more, her clothes will take up the space of your wardrobe, and you’ll be able to wear her clothes in future.

Share a story
Tell her a true story about a man that committed suicide in a shopping mall after his girlfriend refuses to stop shopping. You definitely will not resort to this, but if she is smart enough, she will get your “hint”.

Bring her to shopping
You need to bring her to shop when she’s shopping too much, but, shop for hangers. Just bring her out one day, tell her you need hangers urgently, and when she ask why, you can just say simply because her clothes don’t have enough hangers to hang them in the wardrobe.

Shop more than her
Start spending money unnecessarily on items that you don’t really need when you’re out with her, buy things that you won’t use more than twice in a month, just like the clothes she bought, she won’t wear it more than twice in a year. But of course, you’ll need some extra money to do this.

Shop together with her
If you haven’t been shopping with her, try shopping with her. Take a look at what are the items that she buys, she will find it weird that you’re doing shopping with her and will question you, and that’s when you tell her “Baby, because I’m curious about your shopping spree recently.” She doesn’t have to be a genius to get what you’re hinting at.

She got a new “boyfriend”
This doesn’t mean she have a new boyfriend literally, but you can tell her she got a new boyfriend, and this new boyfriend is shopping. Let her know that the time she spends on shopping is more than the time she spend on you.

Increasing monthly savings
Everyone should have monthly savings when their salary is out, couples will have joint savings, try discussing with her to increase monthly savings, and she’ll realise she won’t have enough money to shop if she have to save more.

A new hobby
Introduce her some new fun stuffs to do together or some fun phone games to play when she’s alone, so that she won’t keep her mind occupied with shopping. Keep introducing her until she’s finding it weird and ask you what’s happening, then tell her she need to use a new hobby to replace her old hobby, shopping.

Occupy her daily schedule
Try meeting her whenever the both of you are free, planning things to do together or places to go together. After a few days she’ll be wondering what made you become so sweet all of a sudden, planning so many things to do together, that’s when you tell her there’re actually many other things to do other than shopping.


Pack up
Every day after work, pack up her wardrobe for her; let her know that it looks messy inside with a whole lot of stuffs. She’ll be asking you whether is there a need to pack her wardrobe every single night, then you can tell her she had been shopping more than you pack her wardrobe.

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