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10 things a girl do that steal a man’s heart like a thief

Have you ever wondered how that girl stole your heart? How she has made you feel like you can’t live without her? Liking or loving someone does not just come naturally to a person. It relies on many physical and non-physical cues.

Here are some things that girls do that might just kidnap your heart.

Flavoured Lip Gloss
What’s better than kissing a girl is the fact that kisses are yummy. Those lip gloss are really doing their thing. Lip gloss nowadays are flavoured, and even smell fragrant.

When a girl blushes
When girls are feeling shy or embarrassed, they blush and make their cheeks even rosier than they are. When she is embarrassed, she might tend to advert her gaze and look down, but you know you want to look at her even more!

When she cries over small things
Okay, crying can be annoying if one does it for a prolonged period of time, and frequently, but some days when you catch a sad love story, you heart swells just knowing that she feels strongly for the movie.

Smell of their hair
Especially when a girl has long hair, you’ll always catch a whiff of strawberry or citrus when she sweeps her hair through with her fingers. When you hug your girl, you can’t help but smell her hair because it smells so good.


Her infectious laugh
Seeing her laugh makes you happy, because you know she is happy!

Random texts
Out of the blue, you receive a text that reminds you of how much she loves you. It shows that she’s thinking of you, when you aren’t! So next time, drop her a text to remind her how much you love her too.

Making things for you
Some girls are into arts and craft, and these girls will always surprise you with cards and hand make goodness. Also, some girls enjoy baking, so they’ll make cookies, cake or anything for you just to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Looking good for you
Knowing that girls put in the extra mile to look good specifically for you makes you want to do more for her too.

Her femininity
Well, she is a girl, so definitely, most likely, she will display characteristics of a girl. Femininity is one of the greatest assets every girl has. And no masculine guy can resist when their girl is being girly.

Her playfulness
Playfulness is an important trait to spice things up in a relationship. Having a happy and fun loving girl who’s alive and being the center of attention in her world brightens up your day.

Top Image: ChaNaWiT / Shutterstock.com

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