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10 things girlfriends make their boyfriends do that makes them super uncomfortable AF

We all love the girl that we’re with, simply because she stole our hearts like a thief. However, no matter how beautiful the relationship is, how sweet the girlfriend is, there will be times where she will make you uncomfortable AF. Here are 10 things girls do that make them boys uncomfortable. Are you the same way too?

Make them listen to them curse like it’s nobody’s business
Face it, all of us curse, some of us more than others, and it’s perfectly fine! But there’s something always unsettling about hearing your girlfriend cuss like a damn sailor and watching the dirty coarse words tumble out of her pretty mouth.

Make them listen to their really loud burps after a meal
Similar to cursing, all of us burp! It is often an indicator of a good, satisfying meal, but once again it is often uncomfortable watching such an unladylike gesture come from your precious girlfriend, but we have to accept it and still love them, right?

Make them buy pads
Obviously, the cashier is not going to think that it’s for yourself, but most guys tend to be self-conscious and awkward while paying for a pack of pads while their girlfriend curls up in a ball at home during the time of the month.


Take a selfie with them every 10 minutes
Every guy has got to admit that their girlfriend is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean they need to take selfies with them every 10 minutes. OMG. Lay off the photos for awhile, gurl.

Listen to them moan about periods for a few days straight
A good boyfriend will understand the pain and suffering that their girlfriend is going through during their period, but it’s still uncomfortable having to listen to very detailed descriptions and complaints about what’s going on down there every month.

Make them help take photos of them in weird poses
Most girls love photos of them doing cute or candid poses in public, and it’s often the job of the boyfriend to help them take it while other people look at them weirdly for stopping in the middle of the street just to take an instagram-worthy photo.

Make them carry their super girly bags
You know, like pink bags with glitter/chains/sparkly jewels? A boyfriend will of course be willing to carry his girlfriend’s burdens, but perhaps not when it’s super feminine and pink and girly.

Drag them into lingerie shops
Whenever bras/underwear are on sale, a girlfriend would most likely not be able to resist it and end up dragging her boyfriend into a shop filled with undergarments, making them feel extremely awkward.

Kiss them with lots of lipstick on
Girls look gorgeous with lipstick on, but kissing it doesn’t exactly taste the best, nor does the resultant stain feel nice.

When she tells her friends everything about their relationship
It’s good that a girlfriend is comfortable enough with the relationship to talk about it to others, but not when it consists of every small detail and every small fight. It feels kinda vulnerable having other people know about the flaws of the relationship, doesn’t it?

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