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10 things that truly mature men won’t do

Being irresponsible
Responsibility is one of the key values in life that everyone should possess, no matter whether you’re a guy or a lady. But truly matured men will not shy away from any form of responsibility; they will behave in a responsible manner.


If you have started saving money, thinking about your future, you’ve matured. Most of the younger guys tend to over-spend and don’t have any savings because they don’t plan for their future. By thinking of your future, making plans, not over-spending, and saving up for your future, you’ve already being matured.

Living the way you like instead of comparing yourself with anyone else is also being matured. Mature men will not think about how pretty other’s girlfriends or wives are, how much other men are earning compared to himself, or what cars other people are driving.

There’s always some kind of problem happening in our daily life, and the thing that matured men won’t do is avoiding the problem, they will be calm and try to find a solution to the problem. They want to solve the problem in a fastest possible way instead of stressing over the problem, or even worse, running away from it.

Many ladies dislikes indecisive men, they prefer someone who is able to make decisions instead of someone that leaves the task of decision making to the ladies. Mature men are very clear of what they want in their life, and they make decisions all the time.

Bear Grudges
You don’t see matured men bearing grudges to anyone in their life, they forgive and forget. There’re all kinds of arguments or conflicts that will happen in daily life, and they are the ones that will not bear grudges if the other party has made a mistake.

Prioritizing others instead of their family
When we talk about matured men, we often link them with family. Matured men will always put their family first in priority. They will always think for their family first before making any kind of decision

Being insecure
Matured men will not feel insecure about themselves, whether is it their looks or actions. They are confident with their own appearance, the way they speak, and will not really care what other people think of them.

Everyone will always have something to complain in Singapore, but matured men don’t. They get on with life, fix things when things don’t go their way, find proper solutions instead of complaining about how things should have been, complaining about things not going their way.

Fear of defeat
Sometimes when we want to do something, we always think of the consequences and the probable outcomes, and sometimes we are afraid of the bad outcomes. Matured men does not fear defeat, they put in hard work to any sorts of challenges that comes their way, make sure things will eventually turn out right for them, even if there’s a chance of being defeated, they will not back down.

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