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10 things you do that will make any man go crazy over you

Want to make someone head over heels? Here’s some really simple tips.

You have a loving gaze
Your eyes are absolutely beautiful and contain the entire universe. When you stare lovingly into his eyes, he can’t shake off that feeling of his heart pumping. Your eyes are windows to your soul. By showing him your soul, he’s already done for.

You love trying new things
You’re therefore constantly changing. You always act different every time you meet. He can’t catch up with your pace but he definitely likes the fresh feeling of change every time.

You are a mystery
You keep parts of yourself to yourself. Do not reveal and show every single thing about you the moment you get to know him. Make him interested. Lure him to take the bait. Make him want to know about you more. Peeling off the layers that make you.

You are confident
Men like confident girls. Not overly confident. But enough to know who you are. Enough to show that you have your own mind. Enough to attract him.

You support him no matter what
Being supportive is a huge thing for a man. Being the woman behind him is not easy but it is needed. Everyone needs some encouragement and that means he needs it too. The support you give makes him cherish you more.

You chill out with his family
Come on, this the way to his life. You are different from other girls. You have to show this. And he’ll be all over you.

You hang out with his bros
He loves the way you’re able to get along with his friends.

You act jealous
Because jealous means you care. Jealous means you love him. Your petty little actions can just put a smile on his face.

You actually listen to him
Instead of being the every girl that forces him to listen to you go on and on and non stop, for once, there’s actually someone who cares to listen. Tell me, which guy can resist this?


You are being yourself
It’s that you’re not fake. It’s that you’re not acting. You being you in the most natural way is what makes you unique. What makes him fall deeply in love.

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