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10 things you mustn’t tolerate in your relationship, if not you’ll suffer forever

Being in a relationship may seem like a fairytale, especially with the #relationshipgoals posts. But reality is a far cry from what you see on social media. There are happy times but there are also bad times. Don’t tolerate these 10 things otherwise you’ll vow never to have another relationship.

Lack of communication
Always able to chat on whatsapp or text message but at a loss of what to say when you see each other in public? If you and your partner lack communication, you might want to reconsider the relationship. You are in the real world; your relationship is not virtual.

Lack of compromise
Always arguing with one party always being the one to give in? A happy couple needs to learn how to compromise. The relationship is about two people coming together to become one, not just you yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around you, neither should your partner’s.

Lack of hygiene
Not keeping clean and bothering to maintain hygiene. Hygiene is important in keeping healthy and germ-free. If either one totally puts aside the importance of hygiene, starting a family and having a child will be a disaster!


Constant borrowing of money 
A no-no. You are in a relationship where you support each other mutually. Neither one is the ATM machine. Give if you’re willing, receive if you’re given willingly. If either needs money urgently, work a way out together. Like how couples do.

TRUST is important in any relationship, not just as a couple but even friendships and kinship. Be honest with each other, otherwise you end up living a lie.

A major NO-NO. Don’t betray your partner’s trust and end up with some other partner, then putting the blame on alcohol or temptations. A person who cheats once will likely cheat again.

Another MAJOR NO-NO. A relationship is about being happy together. If you love someone, you will never ever want to hurt that person what more raise a hand at him/her. And if you are the one being abused, love yourself enough to get yourself out of that mess.

Lack of commitment
If you are in a relationship where either party is not serious about the other, it’s time to reconsider your decisions. You may see a future with your partner, but if your partner does not, you will be in for a lot of disappointment.

Lack of respect
For each other and for your ownself. Respect each other enough to understand each other’s emotional limits and physical boundaries. Respect yourself to know what you are comfortable with in the relationship.

Lack of independence
Over-relying on your partner in life is not healthy. While a relationship is about two people coming together to become one whole, it is also about your individual self.

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