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10 unspoken rules during ICT that we all know but never say

Arh…ICT, also known as reservist to some, is a holiday camp for fast-paced Singaporean male workers to take a break. Wear a helmet and a rifle is often much better than being scolded by an unreasonable boss.


In every ICT, there’re many rules, but let’s face it: there’re also unspoken rules that everyone follows, too. Here’re a select few of them—do you agree?

In-pro time is usually one or two hours later
To NSFs who don’t understand: in-pro = book in. So basically, some NSmen would just leave their house at 7:30 a.m. when they were supposed to report at 7:30 a.m. The rationale? In-pro timing is like wedding dinner timing—if you’re on time, you’ll be the first.

First book-in will be a MC if it doesn’t have important training
You know, the second Monday when you’re supposed to book in a HK ICT? If it doesn’t have any important training, and you’re not a KAH, then remember to visit a clinic on a Sunday.

One button in your trousers is not buttoned up
Because the shirt is tucked out, no one would know that you’ve grown three inches fatter ever since your last ICT.

Fieldpack has items you’re not supposed to bring
Be it unusual food or even an electrical fan, you’ll see that the fieldpack of each NSman is different. That’s also why NSman usually “sayang” their fieldpack more than NSFs.

SBO and FBO are never washed for years
Admit it, won’t you? Once you wash it, it’s going to get dirty after the next training. So why not leave it dirty forever? Like that more manly, right?

Water bottle is filled with syrup water instead of plain water
And another interesting thing: a new water bottle is used for every training. Emart credits FTW.

Emart credits are used to buy sports shoes
From New Balance to Asics to Adidas, you’ll always make sure there’re enough credits for you to buy the latest sports shoes that are changing every now and then.

NSmen don’t makan cookhouse food
No one knows whether it’s a habit, but some NSmen just won’t makan cookhouse food. There’ll always be one guy who is a fan of the cookhouse food who will then help everyone in the section to scan their ICs.

Combat rations are not eaten
Where do they go then? What do you think?

Smoking point is everywhere
…everywhere except the CO office. And when we say everywhere, we meant everywhere.

Outfield exercises become much easier
– “Baby, I call you later when I’m going to do stand-to defence. Confirm no enemy one.”
– “I tell you arh, later the enemy coming that direction at 1400. You just stand by at 1359.”
-“If got enemy I won’t shoot leh. I don’t want to clean rifle.”

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