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12 awesome New Year’s resolutions you must make for 2016 to become a better YOU

They say, “A new year, a new you”.

Well I say, stop perpetuating that obnoxious quote. Still, it’s a great time to reflect on your 2015 and refresh your routines. Form good habits and stoke the flames of passion that you’ve lost along the way!

Throw away resolutions like ‘eat more greens’, ‘exercise often’ or even ‘go on a diet’. You know these goals NEVER work and you’ll stray off the resolution’s path even faster than you can say ‘diet’.

Enough talk. These are the kinds of ‘adult’ New Year Resolutions that you should be making instead.

1. Take better Instagram photos


Honestly, you’ve definitely felt jealous, even if just a tinge, towards those Instagram profiles with supreme level of filter and standardisation. These Instagrammers know their ways around portraits so you need to up your game too. So how? Here are some tips:

a. Download VSCO

The awesome thing about the VSCO app is that you’ll be able to control almost every aspect of your picture. Filters are important to every Instagrammer and Instagram consumers so finding the right filter is very, very important. Simply visit more Instagram profiles and appreciate their filters to gain inspiration.

b. Consistency is key

Consistency is what makes your profile stand out. If you’ve chosen a specific filter to apply on your pictures, make sure the same filter is applied to every single picture you post!

c. Angles, angles, angles

Angles are what makes one look thin or fat, short or tall. Find your perfect angle, especially when you’re taking a selfie!

2. Sleep early


Head to the mirror right now and have a look at your eyebags. There you go. You need sleep.

3. Travel to a non-Southeast Asian country


Bali, Bangkok and KL are really boring. Besides, that’s not enough of a vacation or a getaway. Also, you’ve probably visited those places countless times anyway! Head as far as you can! Japan, Korea, Europe or Scandinavia!

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4. Befriend 50 new people by the need of the year


Of course you need to make new friends! But making one or two new friends in a year is just sad and unimpressive. This year, it’s time to push the boundaries. Join interest groups, add mutual friends up on Facebook and Instagram and increase your connections on LinkedIn. And don’t just linger as virtual friends! Hit them up. Ask them out for lunch or coffee. Invite them for parties! Don’t forget to make them bring their friends too. Who cares about quality friends anyway. Quantity is the way to go!

5. Try new food every month


Yes. If you’re as unexciting as me when it comes to food, then this resolution is one that needs to be followed through as religiously as you can. It’s easy. Simply enter a random shopping centre and find the directory. In that directory is basically your list to the new restaurant or cuisine that you can potential try out for the month.

Alternatively, try foodpanda. It’s a food delivery service that’s taking over! foodpanda’s list of food destinations are yours to choose. Best thing about it is you’ll be able to laze in bed while your food makes its pilgrimage to your home.

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6. Reunite with old friends


Kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, tertiary institutions, old colleague or friends from the ol’ days, it doesn’t matter. Rekindle the friendship that you’ve lost and re-appreciate the relationship now that you’re more matured than you were before!

7. Walk 10,000 steps a day


Not everyone can keep track of the steps they take day each day but for those with new Samsung phones or Fitbits or any other devices that allows that reporting, this is one resolution you need to promise yourself in 2016.

Don’t compromise. 7,000 steps or 9,000 steps is not enough at all.

ps. if you don’t have those devices that can track your steps, you should get one from Lazada! Click here!

8. Wear your best, twice a week


Don’t let your everyday routines stop you from feeling fab about what you’re wearing. More importantly, don’t let it tire you from wearing your best. Sure, looking tiptop takes a mountain load of effort on your part and waking up slightly earlier every morning just to doll yourself up doesn’t look like the a sensible, sustainable plan.

Here’s a better one: put in that extra effort, twice a week.

And now, here’s a tip: Get your new clothes from ASOS. It’s the best place for the freshest threads. Woo!

9. Treat customer service staff better


Guys, this is where you can impress the ladies. Respecting customer service staff gains the ladies’ respect towards you. That’s how you can become a gentleman in their eyes. At the same time, it makes your life and everyone elses’ life around you that much more pleasant and happy. And really, that’s what we definitely need more in this world.

Smile to them and let them know you appreciate their service!

10. Read the Newspaper



Read the newspaper. Because.

 11. Read 10 books by the end of the year


Take it from me. When I was 16, I never thought I’d read a book but now, I love Kinokuniya. Sounds truly magical, yes? Well, what I’m saying is, books have the potential to change your life. If it changed mine – Tom, who is incidentally the lowest denominator of human – it will change yours, trust me.

And don’t just read fiction, read non-fiction too! Self-help books are helpful too!

12. Learn a new language


It really doesn’t matter what language you learn, as long as you commit to it. Languages represent the soul of a culture and community. Learning a new language opens you up to a new dimension of wisdom! You’ll learn the quirks that come with each language. Like how the Thais laugh with the the number 5 or the Japanese decline by apologising.


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