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13 best romantic hotels under $250 for the most memorable staycation this Valentine’s

Valentine’s is coming up pretty soon – actually, sooner than we realised. If you’re the male half of the relationship, it means the onus to create something special during the day is solely up to you. If you’re the other half, sit back, relax and demand that one of these hotels be the itinerary for the day.

*all prices and availability as seen on 8th April 2016 were correct as of 6th January 2016.

1. The Scarlet Singapore Hotel



Image from Agoda

The Scarlet Singapore Hotel has one of the most classy outlook – a modern touch to a Victorian-era theme. Its characteristic is seen consistently throughout the hotel. The name itself, Scarlet, suggests a deep red colour that adds a mellow yet intimate feeling.


Image from Agoda

Unsurprisingly, you can actually sense this vibe reverberating across the hotel as you waltz through its premises. The hotel spared no expense in personifying its look surrounding its theme. Even the choice of furniture fits the intention of the hotel really well.


Image from Agoda

Tip: Bring a loudspeaker with you while out on the staycation at The Scarlet Singapore. At night, turn on a slow jam like Every Breath You Take by The Police. Slow dance to it. The hotel’s theme will, pardon my words, sex it up.

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2. Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore



Image from Agoda

Although it is located in the heart of the shopping hub known as Orchard Road, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore is one residence that is well secluded and sheltered from the shopping scene. Hotel Jen Orchardgateway claims a third of the Orchardgateway shopping centre, towering over the buildings surrounding it. Nonetheless, a staycation in Hotel Jen doesn’t mean that you’ll be subjected to the commotion and assiduously energetic vibe of the shopping district. Head to its rooftop pool and you’ll realise that the allure of the hotel drowns out the sights and sounds.


Image from Agoda

A puzzling thing about Hotel Jen is how it is able to shield itself from the bustle of the city. The rooms are still, quiet and reservedly cosy. It’s a getaway you’ll need without compromising on your location. It’ll actually baffle you when you head down from the hotel – the contrast between the comfort and tranquility of the hotel, and the bustling city is quite stark.


Image from Agoda

Tip: It’s really obvious for this one – SHOPPING!


Accommodation in Hotel Jen Orchardgateway is available for booking in Agoda. Rooms start at SGD 221.

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3. Studio M Hotel



Image from Agoda

Studio M Hotel is a great place to start if you’re looking for an interesting accommodation. The hotel boasts 2-storey lofts converted into fresh, white accommodation rooms. Depending on the room you’re staying at, the bed could be on the first level with the upper deck occupied by a living area or vice versa – living area on the bottom, bed on the top. The latter room is the best, of course. It’s an awesome excuse to constantly walk up and down the stairs.


One feature that doesn’t get enough attention is its huge glass window panel that lets you in on the full view of the outside. Located in Robertson Quay, the hotel is a resident of the nightlife scene. Nonetheless, it is able to provide the patrons with a quiet accommodation during the day.

Tip: For guys – become the Instagram boyfriend. For girls – just pose by the biggest window you’ve ever seen!

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4. Oasia Hotel


Image from Agoda

Unlike the hotels above that are located in the hustle and bustle of the city, Oasia Hotel is located in Novena, a stone throw’s away from Square2 and United Square. Oasia Hotel looks supremely beautiful with its wood-textured furnishes and minimalistic decor that fits perfectly with the room’s image.


Image from Agoda

At the 22nd floor, lies the lounge, for Club room patrons. The variety of drinks are reasonably interesting and there’s even a private pool. All of these are exclusive, of course. However, don’t fret if you don’t have access to it. At the 8th floor, you’ll be treated to the outdoor pool!


Image from Agoda

Tip: Just chill by the outdoor swimming pool, what else?

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5. Lloyd’s Inn


Image from Agoda


Image from Agoda

Lloyd’s Inn is a perfect example of good minimal design fit for fashion-enabled couples. It’s the best hotel choice for hipsters to basically do what hipsters normally do, like taking pictures of lines and textures. I’m sorry hipsters, I don’t really know what you guys do.


Image from Agoda


Image from Agoda

The rooms have porches – the best place for the bathtubs to be placed at. However, don’t expect too much from the hotel because the facilities are minimal and catered to the reasonable stay for tourists. Nonetheless, the hotel is fit for every couple’s dream staycation with its minimal decor and outdoor bathtubs.

Tip: Just like Studio M, let the inner Instagram couple out. Let the white, minimal walls of the room enchant your photos!

Lloyd’s Inn is available in Agoda, starting at SGD 157.00.

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6. Wanderlust Hotel

Like The Scarlet Singapore Hotel, Wanderlust Hotel is a themed boutique hotel where the rooms have a speciality built around it. There are 5 themes in total:


wanderlust redwanderlust pinkwanderlust orangewanderlust cyan

Images from Agoda

Pantone Deluxe

wanderlust yellow

Image from Agoda


wanderlust mono

Image from Agoda

Mono Deluxe

wanderlust mono deluxe

Image from Agoda

Whimsical themed ones are suite-equivalent rooms and Wanderlust Hotel has not spared any expense in making them look as beautiful as possible!

wanderlust typewriterwanderlust treehousewanderlust red spaceshipwanderlust blue spaceshipwanderlust blingwanderlust ascii

Images from Agoda

Tip: Just like The Scarlet Singapore Hotel, bring a loudspeaker. Also, this time, bring a discoball! Instead of turning on a slow jam, it’s time to party it up in the room! EDM and dance. Remember to get turnt.

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7. The Sultan


Image from Agoda

The Sultan is a romantic hotel for epic couples. Epic couples? Yes, epic couples. You know, couples who are overdramatically romantic.


Image from Agoda

I kid about epic couples. The Sultan is indeed a hotel that seem to perpetuate a deep romance vibe. No, although the name might suggest it, the hotel isn’t an Arabic or middle eastern-themed. However, it does have an inherent middle eastern flavour to it (like its carpet!). Its furniture and decoration have an English cottage feel to it, which is unlike hotels that look very business-y. The Sultan accentuates the warm, homely feeling. A home away from home!


Image from Agoda


Image from Agoda

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8. Carlton Hotel Singapore


Image from Agoda

If you’re looking for a hotel that’s more mature and business-y-looking, but still believe that the staycation requirement – meaning CHEAP – should still be adhered to, then Carlton Hotel Singapore is it.


Images from Agoda

At only SGD 185.00, Carlton Hotel Singapore is for staycation-experienced couples looking for new accommodations to try.


Image from Agoda

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9. Goodwood Park Hotel

goodwood park

Image from Agoda

In all honesty, Goodwood Park Hotel looks like the Disney castle. Which makes it invariably, interesting.

goodwood park2

goodwood park4

Images from Agoda

Goodwood Park is located right beside Far East Plaza and you know what comes next – shopping. Perhaps Orchard Road isn’t your thing right now and you’d like to concentrate your activities within the facilities of Goodwood Park Hotel. Well then, be satisfied because the hotel offers an outdoor pool, spa, gym and even a garden. It’s a mini palace, really.

goodwood park3

goodwood park5

Images from Agoda

Tip: The garden is charming in the early morning and at late night. Have a walk through it during those times.

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10. Bay Hotel Singapore


Image from Agoda

Bay Hotel Singapore, as suggested by its name, is located close to the bay. Specifically, it’s at the start of Sentosa Gateway. You will be able to feel the cool air blowing through your hair. For Muslim couples, rest assured that a mosque stands tall right beside Bay Hotel!


Images from Agoda

Tip: Book a staycation for two nights so that you’ll be able to spend a day in Sentosa!


Images from Agoda

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11. Village Hotel Changi by Far East Hospitality


Image from Agoda

Village Hotel Changi is one hotel situated close to Changi’s wilderness. With a plethora of things to do while you’re checked in, your staycation in Village Hotel Changi is going to be fruitful.


Images from Agoda

Things to do: Chill in the infinity pool. Yes, you read that right. There’s an infinity pool in the hotel! Alternatively, head to Pulau Ubin for some fun cycling time.


Images from Agoda

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12. Changi Cove

changi cove3

Image from Agoda

Like Village Hotel Changi, Changi Cove is located close to Changi Point Ferry Terminal and the beach. The interesting characteristic that sets them apart is that Changi Cove has a chilled out vibe that fits Changi’s lush greenery. We could probably akin Changi Cove to an advanced and professional hostel.

changi cove2

changi cove

Images from Agoda


Rooms start at only SGD 159.00  over at Agoda!

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13. Naumi Liora Hotel

naumi liora4

naumi liora

Images from Agoda

Naumi Liora Hotel is like The Sultan. It’s for epic couples (hurray for epic couples!). The romantic-looking hotel screams romance and is the perfect choice for those seeking love during Valentine’s.

naumi liora3naumi liora2

Images from Agoda

Tip: Night out is best. Head to Club Street and join the celebrations that ensue, especially during the Friday and Saturday nights. The party is REAL, guys.

A room in Naumi Liora Hotel starts at SGD 133.00.

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