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25 Superstitions Your Ah Ma Probably Warned You About

Your ah ma or ah gong (or any elders actually) must’ve warned you about several things since you were a little kid. There were so many do’s and don’ts, so we have kindly compiled a list of them for your convenience. We really wanted this to work the SG50 way too but alas, we could only come up with half of that.

We are pretty sick of “simisaialsosg50” anyway, so here you go!

Thou shalt not’s:

1. Thou shalt not point at the moon
Or risk getting your ear cut.

point to the moon
Image: flickr.com

Maybe Chang’e has something against this.

2. Thou shalt not open umbrella indoors
Or offend the God of the Sun.

open an umbrella indoors
Image: psychiclibrary.com

3. Thou shalt not snap a picture of a sleeping person
Or his soul will be captured, rendering him soulless (i.e. dead).

picture of a sleeping person
Image: spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com

4. Thou shalt not walk under hanging laundry
To prevent bringing bad luck (and your susuk will come undone).

walk under hanging laundry
Image: singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg

I’m more afraid of anything dropping on me, really.

5. Thou shalt not walk under ladders
Well, I thought this is common sense.

walk under ladders
Image: becuo.com

6. Thou shalt not gift someone with shoes or clock
It’s akin to asking someone to leave or cursing them to death.

shoes or clocks as a gift
Image: aliexpress.com

7. Thou shalt not sweep the floor during Chinese New Year
You don’t want to sweep your good luck away right?

sweeping during chinese new year
Image: rediff.com

8. Thou shalt not shake your legs
To avoid losing money.

shaking your leg
Image: goodreads.com

No, do not listen to Elmo.

9. Thou shalt not consume soya sauce when you are injured
Or your bruise will leave a dark scar.

consuming soya sauce when injured
Image: food.ndtv.com

10. Thou shalt not leave chopsticks standing in a bowl of rice
Because it resembles incense offering.

using hammer or scissors when pregnant
Image: seoulistic.com

11. Thou shalt not use a hammer or a pair of scissors when you’re pregnant
Or risk leaving weird birthmarks on your baby.

using hammer or scissors when pregnant
Image: pngimg.com

Still a pretty good safety precaution, I reckon.

12. Thou shalt not trim your nails at night
Or you’ll risk seeing supernatural beings.

clipping nails at night
Image: fannycrown.com

13. Thou shalt not whistle at night
To prevent attracting spirits.

whistling at night
Image: blog.raynatours.com

Try at your own risk.

14. Thou shalt not pat someone’s shoulder when he is gambling
Because you’ll extinguish his ‘flame’ that wards off bad luck.

pat shoulder when someone's gambling
Image: s9.photobucket.com

 15. Thou shalt not place a mirror in front of your bed
Or your soul will be trapped in the mirror forever.

placing a mirror in front of your bed
Image: wofs.com

Thou shalt’s:


16. Thou shalt say sorry/ask for permission before answering nature’s call, in nature
Especially for the NS men!

asking permission before peeing in public
Image: twomuppetsabroad.wordpress.com

 17. Thou shalt finish all your rice
Or your future spouse will be a ‘moh-peng’.

finish all your rice
Image: todayupfeed.com

AKA pimpled-face.

18. Thou shalt look at cute baby photos when you’re pregnant
And you’ll get a cute baby too.

look at cute baby photos when you're pregnant
Image: amusingfun.com

Will my baby end up looking like an angmoh?

19. Thou shalt rub a hard-boiled egg over your ‘orh-ceh’ or bruises
To transfer them to the egg instead.

rub a hardboiled egg on your bruises
Image: nkayesel.com

20. Thou shalt always knock on hotel doors before entering
Because you need to alert any spirits that you’re about to enter.

knock on door when entering hotel room
Image: onislam.net

 21. Thou shalt wear red underwear for good luck
Attention to all gamblers out there.

roll a pineapple for good luck
Image: zalora.sg

Get this at Zalora for only S$16.90!

22. Thou shalt roll a pineapple into a new home for good luck
Because pineapple in Hokkien is ‘ong lai’ – attracting good luck.

roll a pineapple for good luck
Image: http://mybakingcottage.blogspot.sg

23. Thou shalt touch wood to cancel negativity/bad luck
“Choy choy, touch wood! Touch wood!”

knock on wood to cancel bad luck
Image: http://www.womansday.com

24. Thou shalt stay awake on the eve of Chinese New Year for as long as possible
Because the longer you stay awake, the longer your parents will live.

stay awake during the eve of chinese new year
Image: http://www.lalschools.com

25. Thou shalt note down car plate numbers of vehicles involved in accidents
Because these numbers will have a higher chance of winning 4D.

4d numbers from car accidents
Image: http://www.todayonline.com

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