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26 Death-Defying Photos That Might Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Prepare to have your heart skip a beat! From free climbing to scaling the world’s tallest buildings, adrenaline junkies have no notion of taking safety precautions.

The following 26 individuals were defiant when Death asked them about their plans. “Not today!” they all said. However, luck does not last forever, and we are sure this article will turn into a death list anytime soon.

1. What’s the worst that can happen?

via Alexander Remnev

Russian teens are the craziest!

They scale up sky-scraping giants illegally and take photos that are uncomfortable even to watch. All their efforts are made with only one purpose in mind – claim social media glory, and show girls their alpha nature.

This guy is one of the pros. You can tell it by the way he sits comfortably right on edge. Any sane individual would fear a stronger wind gust knocking him over directly in the arms of death.

Imagine this fellow walking out the door and telling his mother he goes to the “library.” The poor woman probably has no idea his son turned into an urban daredevil that grew addicted to adrenaline.

It can get even more dangerous. Check it out!

2. Living on the edge

via Slip Talk

Riding a monocycle is hard.

Riding a monocycle on a plank, right on the edge of a thousand-meter abyss and not falling is close to impossible. However, this guy got it right, at least for this one in a lifetime photo.

We lack information on how the stunt ended. What worries us the most is that the man relies on a boulder as a counterweight to keep the plank steady.

He also should have had at least one friend standing by his side to light a candle. Call us crazy, but defying death in such a crude manner has few chances of succeeding every time.

We can even see it unfolding. “Look at me! No hands! This is gre…..”

We promise! Things get even edgy on the next page.

3. Good thing we stopped!

via Red Bull Content Pool

White water kayakers face perils each step of the way.

Nevertheless, sanity imposes limits even the most experienced should never cross. For example, the three adventurers should have known that a gigantic waterfall lies ahead.

Instead, they paddled all the way to the edge, racing each other and admiring the haze up front. Coming to a stop is not easy when you have tons of water pushing you downstream.

The three were lucky, and the unknown photographer caught them right when they first mustered the courage to look down. Did they ignore the danger and continued their course? Let’s hope not!

When is the last time you had your heart checked by a doctor?

4. Painful break up

via Viki Odintcova

Ever wondered about the best method to get out of a toxic relationship?

This clever guy took the expression “let go” literally, and brought his soon to be ex-girlfriend right on the edge. Can you imagine the emotional roller coaster?

The location high above the city is ideal for an unforgettable and irresistible proposal, and she probably stepped outside the window confident that her man will finally make a move. The surprise was complete when instead of the ring prince charming politely asked her to step over the edge.

You probably saw too many similar scenes having a happy ending to see this one through to the end. We hate to break it to you. This one is a cliffhanger, and we lack information where the method proved successful.

Those fearing heights should close their eyes now. The next photo is nightmare material!

5. Skipping gym day … not even once!

via Mustang Wanted

Hanging from a rusty beam, hundreds of meters above the solid pavement sounds like an agonizing nightmare that has the potential to kill you in your sleep.

For one Russian teen, this was a dream come true but not because he had suicidal thoughts running through his head. His mind was set on something else when he signed up for the ride – get thousands of likes.

Pulling such a stunt is not only a test for the nerves, but also for your arm muscles. That’s why skipping gym day is never a great idea. As for the “keeping your calm” part, the “don’t look down” advice is your only alternative.

Check out the view on the next page! Would climb all the way for a shot at that?

6. Not the right moment to examine your life!

via Vadim Makhorov

Swinging your feet above a mind-bending drop is not a game for everyone.

As you stare into the void beneath you, all kinds of thoughts take over your mind. Often, unpleasant recollections of the past make you ponder if this earthly existence is worth your time.

As painful as it might be, embracing the cold solid pavement waiting underneath is a fast and convenient way to start the game all over again, at least if you believe in reincarnation.

Enough with the morbid reasons to why teens nowadays have nothing better to do than scale the tallest skyscrapers. Most of them are there because the average good life bores them to death.

Drugs are expensive when you rely on pocket money. Adrenaline is free!

The next heart-stopping photo is guaranteed to make you feel unease.

7. For the sake of art!

via Jordan Matter

Photographers would do anything to get the right angle, even risk their own life!

This blonde beauty sits in total disregard to the risk of falling. In fact, we might even suspect the girl had something else in mind with this heart-stopping position.

Her only goal seems to be flaunting as much leg real estate as possible. If her long and fabulous hair shows up in its full glory, it is even better.

Now comes the tricky part. Why on Earth would you take a picture that way? Last time we checked, flipping the frame 180˚ in a photo editing software is simple and hassle free.

You’d better sit down for the next unbelievable shot!

8. Hold tight!

via Matt Bush

Free climbing is for obvious reasons one of the deadliest sport out there.

Not only do you have to support your body weight most of the time, but you do that while struggling to find a good grip on the rock, a surface more senseless than the girl who friend-zoned you.

The worst part of it all is you don’t allow yourself not a single second of admiring the view.

An overhang is a formation that sends most free climbers packing their stuff and heading for home. But not this guy!

He went for it in pure kamikaze style. Is he still alive? Maybe, although cliffhanger situations are notoriously moody and can easily go both ways.

We sure hope his keys don’t fall off. That would be a shame!

On the next page, you see why sometimes it is better to stay at home.

9. Riding on the edge

via Victor Lucas

“Now comes the tricky part. Don’t look down!”

The cyclist in the back will probably kill his friend and fellow two-wheel aficionado. That’s because the narrow path they have to traverse is nothing like the “walk in the park” marketed back home.

You could call it dexterity, but we prefer the term “madness.” The slippery rock, the foggy weather, and the sirens’ call from below, all are ingredients in a recipe for disaster.

Riding on the edge while cursing your friend is probably not the best moment to remind yourself of Murphy’s law. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!

Was this photo used for their obituary, or did they lived to see another day?

Nightmares will be coming your way once you see the next dangerous stunt!

10. A parent’s worst nightmare

via Imgur

Swinging is not an extreme sport unless … you do it above the void.

Are you grasping for the arms of your chair? Good! We do the same, as it is almost impossible to sit comfortably while knowing such a trap exists in the real world, patiently waiting for a next victim.

You could call it the Last Swing, or a parent’s worst nightmare. Suddenly, you start seeing things from a different angle. What if this is the most convenient way to get to the other side?

Don’t think of death, silly, but of the other end of the gorge. You can’t deny there is something profoundly romantic about launching yourself into the fog, and knowing the lush vegetation will cushion you at the end of the fall.

But it doesn’t! The only thing you get are branches slapping your face before the fatal crash.

The next photo shows something foolish. Are you ready?

11. When ab crunches are life

via Caters News Agency

Sticking to a routine is the only way you will ever see results.

Nevertheless, there is a common-sense limit to that. This guy obviously breached that limit the moment he positioned himself for what is by far the most dangerous place for doing ab crunches.

Most people would choose life over having great abs. Even if he didn’t perish, the young guy remains a serious contender for the Darwin Award.

Sane individuals use such an unusual spot to admire the view and choose not to worry about that beer belly getting out of hand. After all, that is what vacations are for!

Calm you nerves before clicking next! Powerful emotions will be coming your way!

12. The jump

via Krystle Wright

Your heart might skip a beat or two trying to decipher the photo.

Did that person decide to exit life in style? Was he/she pushed off the edge by evil tourists that wanted no foreign intrusion in their selfie? What happened is even more sinister!

There is one sport where people voluntarily jump off into the abyss wearing nothing but a suit. Still confused? Flying squirrels are the ones that inspired a wingsuit capable of offering thrill-seekers the biggest adrenaline cocktail ever.

Not only do you get to experience free falling, but you do it while flying agonizingly close to the cliff face, often squeezing through meter-wide openings.

If anything goes wrong, base jumping offers daredevils few seconds to say a prayer. It happens so fast it might as well not even hurt.

But it does, and the dozens of fatalities each year brings will advise you that base jumping into your bed for a nap is a far safer alternative.

It hurts just to see the next photo!

13. No strings attached

via Dean Potter

You know it is dangerous when the object keeping you alive is only a couple of millimeters wide.

Walking on a tightrope is like playing Russian Roulette with a full chamber. Your odds get even slimmer once you decide not to bring along a pole or have a safety harness tied to your waist. Things get impossible once you throw one of your legs into the air.

Nevertheless, this man probably had God holding him with an invisible hand because his stunt did not end friends and family paying the last homage at the cemetery.

Can you imagine the mental stamina you need to walk down such a path? Breath too hard and you are a goner!

Click next and you sleep will never be the same. We dare you!

14. Nightmarish sleep

via Imgur

We can accept climbing sheer vertical faces but to spend the night suspended above the hair-raising drop if for the cuckoos.

What happens if you roll over in your sleep? Can you imagine how terrible it must be for the cold air to wake you as you get agonizingly close to the edge? Or even worse, suddenly wake up at a lower altitude than the one were when you went to sleep.

It is hard to say if the couple is enjoying their morning or preparing for the night. Either way, the man is not confident about the position he is into. Something tells us he has a hard time coping with the situation.

Check out the next crazy photo and try to evaluate the dangers.

15. Yoga geek went too far!

via Imgur

Admit it! You came across that photo with a motivational line written on it at least once

But did you ever stop to think that the girl who posed like that put her life at serious risk? Don’t get us wrong!


We have nothing against doing yoga in the morning while you admire the warm sunrise engulfing the city’s skyline. For Pete’s sake, don’t practice your balance on the edge of a beam cantilevering hundreds of meters above the sidewalk.

Men often fantasize about the perfect girlfriend falling out of the skies. However, something tells us they don’t envision the scenario unfolding literally.

On the next page, high-altitude selfies feel completely unsafe.

16. The world’s most dangerous selfies

via Kirill Oreshkin

Russia’s rebellious teens are back, climbing their country’s tallest buildings.

And they do it lured by the prospect of taking a death-defying selfie. We are curious what papa Putin has to say about this phenomenon that went completely out of control.

Most of us don’t dare to descend a stair without getting intimately with the handrail. As for these guys, they defy the sense of self-preservation by keeping only one hand on the antenna. And they don’t even look scared!

The next photo is a killer.

17. Train or freefall?

via Isaac Gautschi

Did your girlfriend send you the pic telling you that is how she pictures your relationship?

Good! Reply to her asking whether she prefers the train or the freefall. That might raise her insecurities, but it helps to draw a clear line between what is romantic and what is entirely not safe.

We hate breaking it to you, but the couple that raised the bar that high has slim chances of surviving natural selection. Even if they ignored the instinct of jumping when the first train went past them, those railroad ties are certified foot traps.

Coming up next is the lamest way to risk your life.

18. And they paid for it!

via Imgur

Do you know what is worse than risking your life with extreme sports?

Risking your life and having to pay for it. Dining hundreds of meters into the air doesn’t come cheap, and we know a lot of people for whom the life-threatening experience appears as a privilege only the fortunate could afford.

The worst part of it all is that they seem to enjoy it as if their danger sensor were numbed by the idea of having fun. We also can’t explain how those beer bottles defy gravity, but that is another story.

The next page reveals a disaster about to happen.

19. Boulder is the perfect trap

via Ronny Randen

Stuck there for ages, the boulder that attracts thousands of tourists each year is the perfect trap.

We all have seen too many Road Runner cartoons to know how is this going to end. Eventually, someone will assume the role of Wile E. Coyote and set that rock loose, ruining a touristic hotspot and crushing the onlookers underneath.

How to make an unstable geological feature even more dangerous? Simple, just bring someone from the circus.

Seeing all those chairs piled on top of each other and the man struggling to maintain balance will make your heart skip a bit.

Check out a blasphemios way of risking your life!

20. When not even Jesus can save you!

via Lee Thompson

Faith is an essential component of every daring stunt.

However, the man that walked outside the righteous canonical path and scaled the statue of Jesus Christ should expect no divine intervention in case something goes wrong. On the contrary, people would immediately assume the worst – an act of retribution.

Christ the Redeemer is a landmark of Rio de Janeiro. Raising hundreds of meters above the metropolis, it is a magnet not only for tourists but also for powerful gust that often hit without warning.

The unsuspecting daredevil doesn’t need gale force wind to plummet to his death!

Are you still with us? A few more photos are coming up next, and no one died so far.

21. Hide and seek

via Vadim Makhorov

The urban landscape is perfect for hide and seek.

However, we are obviously no talking about playing the game hundreds of meters in the air, onto the side of buildings. You can’t argue with the desperate mothers that want this dangerous trend to come to an end.

Hide and seek made our childhood better because we sweated adrenaline through every poor. Occasionally, a clever decoy gave us a pants-wetting scare, and we would jump right out of our socks.

Take all those elements and transplant them where only pigeons and crazy Russian teens dwell. It stops being funny when poor Boris plunges into the abyss, losing the game at the same time.

Check out another high altitude trap that fooled many!

22. The sleeping beauty and the 300m fall

via Ivan Semenov

If it’s too good to be true, it means it’s a trap.

That’s exactly what one construction worker thought when he stumbled upon sleeping beauty lying defenseless at the very top of the unfinished building. He was old and mature enough to know that fairytales end badly in real life.

He was right! The girl was there not to seek romance by luring a beautiful prince, but to claim an unofficial trophy for the most dangerous Instagram photo ever. Tired after a photo shoot that stretched for hours, she went for a nap, apparently underestimating the danger of breaking hearts.

The next guy took someone with him. It almost ended badly!

23. Testing friendships and … triceps

via Mustang Wanted

Are you anxious to know if he survived?

Logic tells us that the photo wouldn’t have made it online if the whole thing ended in a bloodbath. That is because the boot on the hand would have brought criminal charges.

The most crucial part about scaling buildings and taking such photos is knowing with whom you can hang out it. Not all of your friends are crazy enough to put their lives at risk, and, less obvious, not all of them are trustworthy.

This guy put his amigo to the ultimate test, basically triggering an instinct we all have somewhere hidden in our hearts – killing without a clear motif.

Check out another bewildering shot of someone
mocking death!

24. He makes it look easy

via Kirill Oreshkin

“That’s not the way you walk across a bridge!”

That’s what the worried father told his son the moment such a bewildering photo entered his social media feed. Not only it is gravity-defying, but it is most likely illegal.

The careless teen was lucky to get away with just a week-long grounding and a late hours curfew. We would have sent him to juvenile hall for making the whole thing appear a piece of cake.

Suspension cables can surge hundreds of meters into the air towards the central pylon. Walking gets harder as you get closer to the top.
The next photo includes the definition of courage.

As for the task of going down, we don’t even want to think about it.

25. Would you?

via Robert Jahns

Dubai is home to the tallest waterslide in the world, and people are paying good cash for the chance of wetting their shorts with something other than water.

Plummeting down from such an impressive height is not only frightening but also damn right dangerous. Just imagine someone wider than average stuck in one of the tubes.

There are no safety brakes and no way to stop once you commence the hellish descent. Tourists that come back for a second turn are the ones that didn’t spend weeks in the hospital with broken limbs.

Our list ends with another cliffhanger. Can you guess what happens next?

26. When friends let you down

via Mustang Wanted

Behold, the perfect metaphor for a love triangle!

Don’t try in vain to remember the physics you learned in high school. The situation begging to go wrong.

Whether a long-forgotten feud resurfaces, or the plank breaks, it doesn’t matter for the guy defying the abyss. Sure, posting this online is sweet, but there is nothing to cheer when the shopkeeper below scrapes your blood off the sidewalk.

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