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3 common mistakes all couples must avoid when buying gemstone wedding rings

These days, wedding couples are bombarded with advertisements, confusing promises and misleading information, all of which lead them into making mistakes while choosing their wedding rings.

You too might be lured by so called “discounts and super-low prices” and the high pressure sales tactics in jewellery stores do not help at all. So what do you do? How do you know whether the wedding ring you are buying is the real deal or not?

We share with you the top 3 costly mistakes which to-be-couples must be aware of when buying their engagement or wedding rings.

1. Not Knowing The Different Types of Gemstones
Not all gemstones are created equally. Diamonds are often mistaken to be the most precious stones, but they are actually not as ‘rare’ as compared to many other gemstones. In fact, stones like ruby and large emeralds are much rarer and harder to source; hence they are often costlier than diamonds.

So, everyone setting out to buy gemstone based wedding rings must educate themselves about these differences. This can help you make an informed choice. If needed, you must also ask view the certification of the stone you are interested in.

2. Don’t Fall For Low Prices
We are all attracted by low prices and most couples also have a preset budget while shopping for their wedding rings. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous jewellers take advantage of this fact by raising their prices and convincing the unsuspecting buyer that they are getting a superb bargain.

Many jewellers also misrepresent the quality of their gemstones and show them to be at a higher grade than they actually are. To avoid this, please do your homework regarding the Cut, Clarity and Colours of the stones.

You could even visit multiple stores, both online and offline, to get an idea of the prices for similar sized rings. If needed, and where possible, you could even take the gemstone to a third party appraiser and, if it is below the quality it is supposed to be, you could always return the ring.

Do remember the old adage regarding prices: “If it sounds too good to be true; it probably is”.

3. Don’t Choose The Wrong Jeweller 
There are actually two mistakes you could make when selecting your wedding ring jeweller: you might choose one who does not specialize in gemstone jewellery in the first place.

Secondly, you could end up selecting someone without reading reviews about them. Bottom line:  Always select a jeweller who does not hesitate in providing testimonials from their past clients and, thirdly, find out whether their stores also sell loose gemstones.

This will help you get an insight regarding their knowledge about different gemstones and their characteristics. Finally, you must not fail to shop around: visit multiple jewellery stores and look closely as to how their pieces are designed.


Do avoid these 3 common mistakes when selecting your gemstone wedding rings.


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