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4 essential questions to ask when you’re deciding on which wedding caterer to hire

The date is set, your dress is ready, and the venue is finalized. Now all you need to do is ensure serving the most lip-smacking food to your wedding guests.

For this, you must hire the best wedding caterers in Singapore. To help you get the most out of your wedding catering company, we have come up with a list of important questions you ought to discuss with them, before signing the deal.

1. Are They Available On Your Wedding Day?
Most reputed wedding caterers are booked months in advance. If you are getting married during the peak wedding season, chances are that your caterers are already catering for another wedding. Naturally their availability is the first question you must ask them about.

Also find out if they are willing to come to your chosen wedding venue. Remember: you must book your wedding venue, followed by the caterers (if the venue does not provide one) at least 8-10 months before the wedding date.

2. Do They Have The Capacity To Handle Your Wedding?
If you are having a very large wedding with over 300 guests, your catering company should have the capacity to handle this large number. Secondly, you would want to inform them about dietary restrictions, food allergies, or other special dietary needs for kids or elders etc.

If you have Muslim guests, you might want to order special halal food or even kosher food. Naturally, you must have the exact guest count, so you can inform the company about it. You can always finalize the wedding menu afterwards, but do make sure you taste their food before finalizing it.

3. Questions Pertaining To Money/Business
Another important question to ask your wedding caterers is whether they can cater within your budget. You should also ask them about their hidden fees, service charges, gratuities, tips etc.

It is vital that you discuss these money matters with your family (or that of your fiancé’s) and determine exactly how much you can afford spending on food and beverages.

4. Questions About The Style/ Theme/ Food Presentation
You have invested so much time and money in the wedding that you naturally want everything to be flawless. Obviously you’d also want the wedding food presentation to be perfect.

Ensure that your caterer will provide you with tableware, linen; serving ware and silverware in the style you want. If you are having a themed wedding, you might also want the presentation to adhere to that theme. If you have particular cuisine or taste in mind; it is vital that the caterer understands your vision. Only then can they cater to your taste buds.

Finally, the caterer should also come highly recommended by other people (in or out of your social circles). Make sure you read honest reviews about the company before you sign the contract. The catering company’s rep should also show willingness and take the time to discuss all your needs thoroughly.

We hope these questions and pointers arm you with the knowledge you need for selecting the best wedding caterer in Singapore. Good luck!


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