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4 possibilities why a student’s leg got caught in the MRT platform gap

Today, a student’s leg got caught in the MRT platform gap. As we pray for her recovery, there’s actually something to be learnt here: What might be the cause?

The time when the accident happened, it was peak hours. Do remember that it’s a guaranteed sardine- packed situation both on station and in MRT during peak hours.

Possibility 1: She was playing with her mobile and didn’t notice the gap.
It’s very common to hear that people get into accidents when they were using their mobile phone. It’s not that the mobile phone is a dangerous item but using it at the wrong time could cause hazard. For example, crossing the road and using mobile phone. Honestly, we are aware of platform gap, but how many of us really look out for the platform gap when we get in and out of the train?

Possibility 2: The crowd was rushing to get into the train.
The huge amount of crowd moving inwards into the train makes the train tilt slightly to the other side , and during that few seconds when the doors are open, it caused the widening of platform gap, and it was just nice her leg missed the platform hence she slipped and her leg got caught.

Possibility 3: Just her unlucky day.
She’s like any other passengers who are rushing to get into the train. While her focus was on getting in to the train, she happened to miss a step and her leg got caught.

Possibility 4: She was standing at the edge of the train doors.
It’s common to be standing near the train doors during peak hours. She might be accidentally pushed by another passenger. It’s not something uncommon to be pushed when boarding or alighting the train. Passengers during this period machiam turned into ‘rugby player’ mode. I personally got pushed before by an elderly as he was rushing on peak hours. YES, an ELDERLY! Not looking down but, it was quite a blow when his shoulders knocked against mine. So never look down on elderly being weak and all. Another possibility is that she was giving way to alighting passengers, missed her step and caught her leg.

Are you reading this article while waiting for the train?


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