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5 crazy thoughts you mustn’t have when guys read your msg but didn’t reply!

Truth to be told, the WhatsApp double blue ticks isn’t exactly one of the best inventions ever—it has made paranoid girlfriends even more paranoid, and has broken up thousands of relationships. The thing is, something as simple as a guy reading and deciding to reply later can be interpreted something disastrous, like he having a mistress. So here are five crazy thoughts that all girlfriends and wives must not have when they see the double blue tick without a reply!


He doesn’t love me anymore!
Maybe he used to reply immediately, but now, you see the double blue ticks and have yet to receive a reply. You think he has changed, that after wooing you, he has taken you for granted. Or he doesn’t love you anymore.
Truth: You’re thinking too much. In the past, he did read and didn’t reply before—you’re just too sensitive this time.

Why hasn’t he replied me after so long?
You might have waited for just five minutes, but to you, it has been five hours! You get frustrated and send a chain of messages, but still no reply despite him reading it!
Truth: You’ve just waited for five minutes. Chill. It’s all in your mind. Maybe he’s in a meeting or focusing on something.

Is he in an accident?
Girls, if you see the double blue tick, it means he has opened the message. If he’s, unfortunately, involved in an accident, do you think he could open your message?
Truth: You’re over-thinking, and just thinking about the bad stuff. Relax, calm down and take a few deep breaths. It helps to control your anxiety.

Is he with another girl?
If he’s with another girl, no matter what you do, the relationship is going to collapse. Blue ticks, red ticks or any coloured ticks aren’t going to make any difference.
Truth: It doesn’t matter. If two blue ticks can make you think this way, it’s a very rocky relationship that you really should reconsider your relationship.

Is he going to be that unresponsive for the rest of our relationship?
If you’re going to judge every single imperfection of him in a relationship, it’s going to be a painful, long relationship. Learn to accept that he’s just busy. Or he’s just lazy.
Truth: If you can’t accept his imperfections, it’s harder to accept him as a person.

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