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5 Different types of Honeymoon Trends you probably didn’t know of!

The travel and hospitality industry has undergone a sea of change and while couples still like to take their vows traditionally, when it comes to choosing a spot for their romantic getaway, most are looking for adventure, value and variety.

So in this guide, we will study the latest trends in honeymoon destinations especially among young Singaporeans.

Smaller honeymoons are very common especially since many couples do not have the time or money to spend on grand vacations. So, many are opting to vacation 3-4 times a year instead of doing a single longer honeymoon.

The advantage of choosing mini-moons is that one can get frequent, well deserved R&R. Couples can also splurge on nicer hotels/resorts for a few nights instead of opting to stay in mediocre hotels for longer durations.


Grand Honeymoons
This is the other side of the spectrum.

Grand honeymoons entail travelling to faraway places including North America, Europe, South America, Africa etc. or even opting for adventurous one-month-backpacking tours before getting into the nitty-gritty of life, bills, work etc.

Grander honeymoons also entail splurging on expensive hotel rooms, as well as luxurious or out-of-the-way places including romantic inns, castles, private bungalow resorts, etc.

Gourmet Honeymoons
Food tours are also getting more common among young Singapore honeymooners. Many really wish to get under the skin of the place by understanding its local food and eating customs.

Destinations like Australia, Taiwan and Japan are popular for the gastronomic indulgences they offer along with their luxurious travel and accommodation choices.

Exotic Honeymoons
Unusual destinations are also very common as more and more honeymooners wish to travel the path less taken. As a result; places like Malta, island hopping in the Mozambique, Sardinia, Amalfi Coast, or Montenegro are highly trendy and popular.

Even in India, where Rajasthan was the usual destination of choice, honeymooners are now selecting off beat places including Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu instead.

Where The Celebs Go
Many destinations are actually gaining popularity as honeymoon hotspots thanks to the celebs.

For example, the Desroches Island in Seychelles, where William and Kate had a secret 10 day honeymoon, is high up on the list of must-visit places for many young couples in Singapore. Likewise, Kim and Kanye have made Cork, Ireland another favourite honeymoon destination.

So, if you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, including different food, culture or language, these honeymoon trends can help you zero in on a spot to help you celebrate your union in a memorable manner.


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