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5 Malaysian Bands and Singers You Need to Check Out Today

It is a sad fact that many locals today don’t go for Malaysian born music. We often prefer music from the more Western part of the world or even the occasional K-pop. However, there are a ton of amazing local bands and singers we often overlook that churn out amazing tunes right here in Malaysia. From soulful indie groups to the hottest rock bands, here are some of Malaysia’s very own artistes to check out right this second:

1. Amoura

Made up of Malaysian and Korean band members, this unique band of five will give you an experience you won’t forget. Incorporating R&B and punk rock into their music, you can expect a wonderful combination of smooth Korean vocals and heavy punk guitars and rhythms. So be sure to check out their EP!


2. Talitha Tan

Only 21 years old, but so full of passion for everything music, Talitha is a force to be reckoned with. Her indie-jazz-pop tunes will make you want to sway along to every beat whilst you ponder about the thought-provoking lyrics from her original tracks. I mean, one of her top original songs, “Okay (feat. Darren Ashley)”, reached 1.3 million hits on Spotify! How crazy is that?!

3. +2dB

Two girls who started off their musical journey simply by tinkering around on GarageBand ended up producing their highly sought-after debut track “Syren”. Dubbed as dark electronica, these two partners-in-crime have opened for international artistes like TOKiMONSTA and CHVRCHES.

4. Macropsia

Also known for electronic music, this duo who make up Macropsia have created their very own trademark sound of soaring tunes and rippling grooves. With melodies so unique, this producer and vocalist pair are set to go far. Make sure you check out one of their top tracks, “You & Me”.


Made up of six highly talented individuals, this six-piece rock fusion band will leave you wanting more. The unique sounds of TMJB are what you get when you mix together the likes of John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Guns N’ Roses and more. It’s a concoction like none other. Don’t believe us? Then give their single, “Sleep” a listen!

These are just some of the many talented individuals and groups brightening up the local music scene here in Malaysia. Full of passion and good vibes, these are the kind of tunes Malaysians need on their playlists.

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