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5 most haunted chalets in Singapore

The words ‘Changi’ and ‘Haunted’ are apparently twins separated at birth, seeing as they are almost always linked together without actually having a physical connection. And that goes the same for the Changi Chalet, which has been dubbed as a haunted and even ‘thrill-seeking’ destination for chalet goers. I mean, when all the people you ask strongly advise you not to go to the Changi outlet, you know something’s up.


Pasir Ris
Stories of a little red girl spying through the window have become the norm, and apparently she only appears when you tell ghost stories. While she doesn’t actually physically harm you, standing right outside the window looking at you doesn’t really sound right.

Jalan Loyang Besar
Sightings of ‘hantu’ at night have arose, and toilet goers would often feel as if something was watching them. Winds take strange turns, and sometimes you could hear comprehensible words in the current.

East Coast
Apparently there’s a woman who would bang on the door loudly, staying silent except for the occasional and incoherent whisper. There were also reports of East Coast chalet goers hearing curious cutting sounds, and a feminine whisper seemingly ‘cooing’ to them.

‘Sentosa’ is another word that’s strongly related to the term ‘haunted’, and for good reason – Siloso beach and Palawan beach have been reputed to be ghost territories. So what about Sentosa Chalet?
Accounts have emerged that on rainy nights, a face can be seen on the window, seemingly struggling to force its way in. While the features are widely varied – some have claimed that it looks like a demon while some claimed it’s of a man – they all seem to share one common aspect.
That it’s uncommonly creepy.

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