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5 problems people who diet face

Since time immemorial, dieting is considered by people to be one of the quickest ways to lose weight. Even though on many occasions, it have been proven to be successful, but during the process, there are a variety of problems dieters must face. Here is 5 of them.

1) Hair Loss
You might be wondering, what on earth does hair got to do with a diet? On the surface, they seem unrelated but if you think deeper, they are. You see, hair is a part of your body and just like other organs it needs ample supply of nutrients. However, when we diet, we are not letting your hair have enough vitamins and minerals for it to be think, full and luscious. As a result, due to the deficit of minerals, our hair will eventually weaken and fall, leading to hair loss.


2) Weak Body and Reaction
When we go on a diet, because we reduce the amount of food you take as compared to normal, we will tend to be constantly hungry. In addition, by reducing our food intake, we are reducing the amount of energy our body have. As such, with lesser energy, our body feels weaker and also have a lower reaction time as compared to normal people.

3) Feeling depressed or unhappy
It is normal for people to feel unhappy when they are starving or dieting as according to studies, when we are not eating regularly or not consuming the right amount of carbohydrates and sugar on a daily basis, our body’s serotonin, also known as the happy hormone, will decrease, thus making us feel unhappy during dieting.

4) Water Imbalance
A normal person requires 8 glasses of water per day so as to stay sufficiently hydrated. In addition, what we eat influences the body’s water retention capacity. Therefore, when we go on a diet, we avoid foods that help water absorption and smooth bowel movement, causing an imbalance to the body. As such, we will experience body aches, bloating and discomfort, as well as other body issues due to water imbalance in our bodies

5) Reluctant to go out with friends
Because of the above problems when we diet, we might not really want to go out with our friends as we feel weak and is in no mood to interact. In addition, when our friends go and eat, although we may be immensely hungry, we either end up ordering something smaller in portion, something healthier or end up not eating as well and stick to water instead, which might make situations awkward. I mean everyone is munching at their food happily, and you are just staring wistfully at them. You might even get hungrier while seeing them eat, and for all you know, break diet and things go back to square one.

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