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5 reasons singles should be happy during Christmas that makes attached people envious

Being single isn’t something you go around telling people, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its perks at time though. Here are 5 reasons why attached people are envious of singles during Christmas every year.

Okay, before we really get into the article, we’re just trying to be funny and we really, really love our girlfriends a lot. Just an advice for guys out there, girls are scarily intuitive and know who’s writing what even if you’re hiding behind an anonymous name, so be careful what you post online. If you’re attached, you’ll get what we mean.

Singles don’t have to spend a lot on gifts for Christmas
Singles might have to get gifts for gift exchange between friends, but it’s usually set at a limit of ten or fifteen dollars. For boyfriends, the gift cannot be too cheap, or your girlfriend will grow angry because she cannot brag to her friends how awesome her boyfriend is.

Singles don’t have to spend much on food for Christmas
On Christmas, singles can get together with a group of friends and go out for a Christmas meal and everyone goes dutch. For couples, the guy will have to fork out the money, and you try asking her to eat at a coffee shop on Christmas day.

Christmas is happening with parties all around
Singles have the freedom to make their way to very happening Christmas parties in town and party to their heart’s content. Attached people will just walk along Orchard Road and admire the Christmas décor while looking longingly at the parties and the girls.


Singles don’t have to put in a lot of effort for Christmas
For singles, it’s just receive a phone call, “okay”, then change and go out for fun. For couples, the guy has to make reservations, plan the entire day, buy the gift, provide the itinerary etc.

Singles can stay home if they want to
If they just want to make full use of their holiday to rest from work, they can stay home to watch Christmas shows and order delivery. For boyfriends, if you dare to suggest staying home for such a special day, be especially prepared for what’s going to come after.

So, now that you know the 5 reasons, do you agree, or do you agree to disagree?

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