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5 reasons why strict parents would groom the best and brightest children ever

With so much talk revolving around our Strawberry, and now Durian, generation, there is no doubt that an overly comfortable environment and lack of discipline and monitoring on the parents’ end is the cause. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you don’t show care and love for them; balance is important, and this is precisely why I think it is high time we stop molly-cuddling our kids and tighten up on them. Here’s why you should do so if you are proud parents of these cute, cuddly little monsters.

Asian societies are different from western ones
All that talk about how authoritarian parents will result in unhappy children is absolute rubbish to me. Regardless of how westernized Singapore is in terms of the way it works, our society is still very much Asian, where conformity and order is important; being different is going to bring even more grief.

Instills self discipline
When a child is young, it is important to draw lines and rules, and act decisively and firmly when they flaunt them. There can be no exception – they must follow the rules you set anywhere, anytime; you must show that you are absolutely consistent. Show care and concern when they follow, and discipline when they don’t. Otherwise, how are they going to be able to keep their hands to themselves later on?

Builds resilience
You have to be strict in order to get your children to try again if they fail at something. This is why the fruity generation are such wimps and simply give up if they don’t succeed; when you child is unable to do something, teach them again, and make sure they try it again. Be patient, and keep at it until they succeed. This way, they know that failure is simply a step in the right direction. But no doing it for them.

Encourages tolerance
Parents who aren’t strict with their kids will end up with children who don’t have to tolerate anything, since their needs are all met with no resistance whatsoever. Tolerance is an extremely important part of a person’s emotional quotient (EQ), which is ever so important in a society where EQ is already being eroded by digital connectivity.

Inculcate good habits
Being strict doesn’t mean scolding them all the time. Being strict also means compulsory family meals four times a week, an hour of exercise three times a week and thirty minutes of revision every day, no matter what happens. On your part as the parent, you better stick to these rules as well; it is part of being strict. Not just your child, but you as well, will turn out better.

Nobody said parenting was easy. If you’ve already made the choice to have a child, I sincerely hope for the sake of you, your family and the whole of Singapore, that you will play a part to nurture a wholesome, competent child by being strict, because it is something that is sorely lacking right now.


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