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5 things you should know about the Great Singapore Sales!

June is the favourite month of all Singapore, not because it is summer, but because there is the favourite Great Singapore Sales!

The annual GSS takes the sting out of shopping, with tempting bargains, offers, and more much more, with the participation of almost all the shops in Singapore!

Here are 5 facts you should know about the GSS:

1. GSS Period

The Great Singapore Sales is an annual event in Singapore that ranges from a period of May to July with up to a whooping sale of 70% off.

This year, the period is 29 May 2015 – 26 July 2015! With 8 weeks of fabulous shopping and deals ranging from fashion to electronics to even attractions, all over Singapore!

2. History

GSS is not a sale period, but an official event in Singapore organised by the Singapore Retailers Association and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and YourSingapore even since 1994. It is co-organised by the stores and malls to promote the tourism industry in Singapore, while benefiting Singaporeans at large.

Are you surprised now that GSS has been around for as long as you were born?

3. Use MasterCard

In 2013, MasterCard Singapore launched the Princess Singapore Campaign to promote the 10th year of sponsoring GSS, where they collaborated with famous Singapore bloggers to promote the initiative.

That year, over US$1.5 billion was spent by MasterCard Cardholders during the Great Singapore Sale 2013 – with 25% of the transactions accounted for online spending.

So, charge your purchases and transaction to MasterCard to receive additional benefits and lucky draw chances!

4. It’s not restricted to malls

GSS is not just about shopping. It is not just about buying clothes and accessories and all the tangible items.


GSS also consists of promotions for experiences, such as the attractions in Sentosa and RWS. There are also great value deals on hotel stays at different hotels ranging from higher end Carlton Hotel to lower end Fragrance Hotel. If you want it, you have it. This is totally the perfect time to indulge in the delectable offers and promotions, from dining to beauty and wellness, for a totally rewarding lifestyle experience!

5. Tourist Promotion

If you have friends from overseas, this is the period you should ask them to come over and visit you! Shop together with them to enjoy some of the tourist privileges and promotions at the malls!

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