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5 things you shouldn’t do when planning for a surprise birthday party

Someone close to you has a birthday coming up? Planning for some fun this year? Check out the ‘don’ts’ when planning for a surprise.

Go around telling everybody that you know
Yes, I know planning a party is exciting and a surprise at that is thrilling just by the thought of it. And I also know that good things must be shared with everyone, especially when planning a surprise is such a proud thing to be. BUT, A SURPRISE IS A SURPRISE! Other than the planners and the invited guests, please don’t ever go around blabbering about your wonderful, amazing, brilliant plan to anyone and everyone. Secrets leak easily.


Having no masterplan
Well, do you think a surprise is as simple as keeping a secret, buying a cake and balloons and just popping up in front of someone’s house? NO NO NO. Failing to plan is planning to fail. What if the birthday girl/boy is so coincidentally out on that day? Or something just pops out and ruin the plan? It’s always good to plan out the routine and have the birthday girl/boy’s family members or partner or friends’ contacts so you can tell them beforehand and also have more spies or your side.

Acting weird and obvious
Being natural is the key to carry out a flawless plan. Even if something is suspicious, act like you know nothing. The worst thing is that you are the suspicious one. If you can’t act or tell lies, avoid meeting up with the birthday girl/boy individually and always take note not to say something you would normally never say. Do not behave uncomfortably or do weird actions because it will just be a flop.

Telling the birthday girl/boy straight up about the place they have to go
If the surprise is not when the birthday girl/boy is at home but at another place like a hotel or restaurant, do not just call them up on their birthday and ask them to meet you there or just to come here at whatever time. They will have all the time in the world to guess correctly about your plans. The correct thing to do is to at least escort them. Go shopping with them naturally and just suggest the restaurant for a meal. Or blindfold them (do it properly) and shove them up the car, then simply drive off to the destination. Only release the blindfold at the moment that they are nervous and anxious and maybe a little angry so when the surprise is right in front of them, KABOOM, mission accomplished!

Forgetting to take videos
When everything turns out nicely but after the whole event, you realise there is something missing, Ah yup, you forgot a cameraman. How can you not have recorded that moment of fear when the blindfold is on or the fun when the kidnapping has started or the tears of joy when the surprise is revealed? That is just such a waste. A waste, I say.

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