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5 types of KTV buddies in Singapore or Malaysia that you either love or hate

KTV seems to be one of the most “IN” thing in Singapore. Well, do you know that KTV is one the best form of entertainment for students, working adults and even the elderly to sing their lungs out for the songs that they like the most? Different people have different types of karaoke buddies, so which one are you and your buddies?

Type 1: Queen / King of KTV
When they enter KTV room, the first thing that they will do is to select all the songs that they want to sing. They are the ones who hold on to the mic for the longest period of time. If you were to ask if they had any songs that they still want to sing, they will definitely say YES! So, don’t ask. Just insert. And sing.

Type 2: God of KTV
There is nothing this group of singers cannot do. They can sing in female or male voice, in a very high or low pitch, tries their best to imitate the singers and even sing in languages where they don’t even understand a single word. They’ll adjust the “key” that no one bothers to adjust, and to them, the volume of the mic must be at precisely what they want it to be. God knows whether they’re there to enjoy themselves or to be scouted by some record company. Check out their YouTube channel—they usually have one.

Type 3: K-Fan
Usually someone who has not been to a KTV before, this group of people just refuse to sing no matter what you say. They’ll spend most of their time browsing Facebook newsfeed, finish up the tidbits that no one has touched or listen to you as you struggle to sing non-stop for three hours. They’ll have become your #1 fan despite how bad you sing. A few possible reasons that they refuse to sing could be due to being shy or they think that their voice just simply cannot make it (CMI), and so they do not want their friends to suffer. But whose voice is “can make it”?

Type 4: The serious singer who can’t sing
He’s here for one reason: to criticize. He’ll explain to you that you shouldn’t use your throat to sing, and then demonstrate singing with his, erm, liver, perhaps? He’ll tell you NOT to drink Coke but to down the warm honey lemon that he has ordered for you. He’ll, sometimes, scold you for picking songs that aren’t suitable for you. And he—he usually don’t sing. He talks.


Type 5: Queen / King of “Insert”
You waited for ten minutes and know that next song is yours. You take the mic and prepare to sing when you see that the King of Insert (KOI…hmmm) has, once again, inserted another of his song. And so you wanted for him to finish…only to realized he has inserted about 16 songs. All his. And when you confront him, he’ll say, “You insert lah, you insert lah.”
But once you insert, he insert again. Singing becomes inserting.

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