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5 ways to know whether others are gossiping about you or others

No man is a single island. This explains all your wonders about how people know so much about your past, be it good or bad. All of us like to gossip, especially when life is boring and there is nothing much to do at a dinner gathering. Well, all this is pretty fun and entertaining. See if you can relate to the types of gossipers. Or identify which one you are.


Pretend to be complimenting
So you start off saying good things about that person. More like insulting under the guise of praises. “Hey, those new golden locks look absolutely amazing on her dark tanned skin.” “Omg, those skinny jeans totally bring out the thick shape of his legs.” You just like to end the sentence unexpectedly and in a negative way. Your forte is sarcasm.

Exaggerate everything
Maybe that’s just your way of life. You can never relay things how they really happen. You like to add in spices so you can look at those attentive faces of those who are listening. When someone drops something, you say “Ah, she must have purposely dropped it so she can get help from others. Just look at all those people flocking to her.” But she really just picked up what she dropped herself. Your strength lies in seasoning.

Complain, grumble, whine
Probably the most common way of gossiping. We all just wanna hear about bad things. So you start complaining everything about that person. Even the way she walks or eats affects you soooooo badly you have to grumble about it. Of course, you must top it off with all the whining about how much you are suffering. Your best performance is playing the good guy.

Chipping in information
The listener and the one who knows the most. During a gossip session, you simply nod most of the time. Everyone seems to think you can keep secret and tells you everything. But really, when someone asks you, you start telling stories that you heard somewhere else. Your job is to gather all the information and spread the information that people don’t know. Your capability is in being trustworthy.

Making up stories
The liar. You have nothing to say but you just want to join in the gossip. You also want a better, bigger story to tell. So at some point in time, you find yourself saying things that are 5% true and 95% imagination. You can make lengthy stories out of the tiniest details. Your talent is thinking out of the box.

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