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6 games couples can play at home

Okay, before we carry on, let me say one thing: the games we’re referring to are those of the PG 13 variety, so if you came in to read about the R21 varieties, I’m sorry but we’ll have to disappoint you.

So given that the haze is pretty bad nowadays, most of us would rather stay home then to brave the smog outside, right? It’s pretty boring going to the mall all the time, and honestly you don’t want your partner to fall sick from the haze.

So, what else can you do? We’ve got a suggestion: stay at home. But that’s boring! You’d say, your boyfriend or girlfriend will be busy doing their own things, while you’re stuck staring at the ceiling.

In this article, we’ve listed down 6 innocuous games you can play with your partner for a fun-filled afternoon. Try them out the next time you and your partner are bored at home!

What’s so fun about puzzles, you’d ask. I admit, doing puzzles can be pretty boring, but if you add a bit of healthy competition into it, even puzzles like Sudoku and crosswords might turn out to be pretty fun. After all, you don’t love the game, but you love winning and teasing your partner.

Monopoly on smartphone
There are plenty of games on phones that allows two players to connect and play together, but I’m only going to mention monopoly because it’s what I’ve tried before. Challenge your partner to a match and gloat when he loses. Want to spice up the competition? Make it a 2vs2 and join forces against strangers on the internet.

Adult colouring book
Adult colouring is the craze right now. You’ll be surprised at how time flies when you’re filling in between the lines of the colouring book. Don’t believe me? Head down to the nearest popular for the ‘Secret Garden’ series that costs below $20 and a box of colour pencils, and be prepared to be blown away by how much time has gone even before you and her has completed less than half of a page.


Cooking competition
No matter whether you’re a great cook or not, this is a fun thing to do. Dig through your refrigerator for ingredients, go out and buy if you have to, and challenge each other to a cooking contest. Want to make it more fun? Be as underhanded as you can be and attempt to sabotage your partner’s cooking efforts. Depending on the severity of sabotage, the food might be rendered inedible and the kitchen in desperate need of cleaning up, but hey, it’s definitely fun, this I guarantee! If the food is edible, get a third person (a neighbor, maybe?) to judge and pronounce one of you the winner.

TrackID – human version
I’m sure you know TrackID right? It’s an app where it can detect and recognize lyrics from a music that is playing and give you the title of the song. Here’s what we suggest: grab your laptop or smartphone, plug in your earpiece, and pick a random song and attempt to sing along to it. If he guessed the song correctly one point to him but if he couldn’t, one point to you. It’s hilarious, stupid and will definitely leave the both of you in stitches from laughing too much.

Workout competition
Get hot and sweaty by performing feats of physical activity. Challenge each other to exercises such as push up, sit up, bridges, planks, anything goes actually. Not only is it healthy, it’s pretty fun to watch your partner huff and puff as he or she tries to beat you at the competition.

If you really want to spice up the games, you can include penalties and rewards for the loser and the winner respectively. Well, we won’t impose on you what some of our ideas for penalties and rewards are, because, well, we’re sure you’re imaginative enough to come up with some of your own. That, and we’re trying to keep this article PG 13, if you get what I mean.

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