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6 Golden rules to follow if you want to be place in a leadership role ASAP

When we come out of university, bright eyed and ready for the world and the challenges that will be thrown at us, we didn’t expect to be stuck in what seems to be a hopeless position, unable to predict if we’re ever going to rise or stay at the same spot in 5 years’ time.

Do you feel that way? Most of us do, because while we’re young, energetic and ambitious, we’re not really prepared for the daily grind that more often than not causes us to lose our way and cut short our phenomenal career growth.

But there are some exceptional people who never experienced that, and most attributed it to them being lucky, or being born a natural leader. They rise up fast and seems to be on the fast track to success. But really, one question we must ask ourselves is, to achieve their success, do you have to be born with it, or is it something that can be learned, practiced and honed?

Well, good news for those of us who’s ordinary, some abilities can be learned and honed over time. Here’s 6 golden rules you definitely have to follow to make sure that you’re placed in a leadership role in as short a time as you can possibly manage.


Do what you’re supposed to do well
No matter how dull or boring a task is, do it well and make sure you give your best at everything you’re supposed to do. If your superiors can’t trust you to do even your own job, how can they trust you with something bigger?

Wayang and volunteer, volunteer, volunteer
Okay, the sub-heading is a bit misleading. It’s not really about wayang, but it’s about getting your name known to the people up the food chain, and also to learn new things outside your immediate job scope. After all, when you’re placed higher up the corporate ladder, it means you’re overseeing more things, usually matters that were outside your immediate job scope and it would be advantageous for you to know them when they’re considering someone for a promotion.

Never be afraid of work
People generally display two types of attitudes when confronted with more work. Either they go huhhhh, I’m not paid to do that, or they’ll go hmm okay, I’ll get that done for you. People who display the latter attitude are likelier to be promoted because they know more things and stands a greater chance during promotion selection. Of course, learn to gauge if you’re able to take the extra load on because you wouldn’t want your performance to suffer because you don’t know how to say “no”, would you?

Go for leadership courses
With so many people looking for progression as one of their requirements in the workplace, you’ll be surprised to know that most of them are pretty passive, waiting for their companies to send them instead of they asking for it. Taking the initiative to research and decide on the courses you would like to go will display you as a person who takes initiative and is enthusiastic about your work. It doesn’t hurt that you get to decide the direction you want to take your development to, either.

Display the right attitude
It can be oh-so-tempting to do the wrong thing like pushing the blame. Being dishonest can really hurt your chances of a promotion since your integrity is called into question. If you’ve made a huge mistake at work, displaying remorse and showing that you went the extra mile to rectify your mistake adequately might just land you a promotion instead of making you miss one.

Be a leader
You might not be in a leadership role, but that doesn’t mean you can’t assume the responsibilities of one. Take the initiative to lead your team, be the one encouraging them to work harder, make everything a team effort instead of a solo effort and you’ll find yourself officially assuming the position soon.

So, now that we’re done with the 6 golden rules to follow, we leave you with a final note: it’s pretty simple to display and hone your leadership skills, but more often than not, it’s our fear of standing out that holds us back. Take the initiative to move out of your comfort zone and never be afraid of being wrong, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

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