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6 real-life stories of singles that show why S’poreans just can’t find a BF / GF

We all have that friend—that friend who has never dated before, and has a story to explain why. Some of them are so interesting that they can be compiled into a book. So, we sat down and asked ourselves: why do some of our friends remain single after, say 40 years? Well, here’re the results of the story, and some from the Internet.

What’s interesting is that as you read them, you might be able to relate to one of them, because let’s face it: the reasons stories are usually the same.

The one who is waiting for the perfect one
So, there’s this friend who has been waiting for the perfect “boyfriend” for…twenty-seven years. Yes, she has waited, with suitors going up to her but she just thought they were not perfect enough. When asked what the definition of “perfect” is, she’ll go all mysterious and say, “I’ll know once I see him.”
Well, she hasn’t seen him in the last twenty-seven years, so we worry that she might not see him in the next twenty-seven years as well.

The one who is a hermit
There’s this thirty-five-year-old guy who has only three things in his life: work, games and money. He’s damn rich since he saves almost all his salary, but refuses to go out. All he does is work, work and work. No one dares to question why, because he never seems to bother.
We just hope he’ll put his money to use by just going out once a while, if not he’ll just have a gold-plated coffin for his old age.

The one who is always looking but never looking
A thirty-one-year-old lady, she has been asking everyone she knows to introduce guys to her, but when one really does so, she’ll just change the topic to something else. No one really knows what goes on in her mind: is she looking, or is she not looking?
Next time, if you encounter such a person, just let her look for herself first.

The one who thinks it’s not the right time yet
At thirty years old (thirty, for goodness’ sake!), he claims that he’s still working on his career. Once he has built it up and get a car, girls will flock to him. Now is not the right time since girls won’t like him, he claims.
Delusional at its best, I’d say.

The one who thinks he’s not good enough
Well, we’ve got a few friends who fits this story. The person he or she likes is always “out of his or her league”. The girls would say that they’re not pretty enough, while the guys would say they’re not rich enough. It’s very, very tempting to much these two groups of insecure friends together, you know.


The one who has high expectations
This article, “This 33-year-old S’porean’s demands for a girlfriend is shocking”, sums it all up. He has high expectations and never even bothers to look at the mirror. I won’t be surprised if ten years later, we’ll have another article: “This 43-year-old S’porean’s demands for a girlfriend is shocking”.

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