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6 ways to know whether a guy is stealing looks at you

Sometimes, you’re just sitting down and you feel a pair of eyes checking you out. No, this is not a horror movie. But when you look around, it just seems like everything is normal. Actually, you didn’t even notice that a guy was glancing at you.

Go with your sixth sense
A woman’s intuition is sharp. You can probably sense more things than you think. More often than not, when you feel a strong feeling that eyes are on you, they probably are.

Turn around suddenly
You will probably just catch the guys in his act. While this may be kind of childish, it is possibly the easiest to find out clearly if he was stealing looks at you. Some obvious signs will be shocked expression and stuttering excuses since they didn’t have enough time to react.

He looks away when you look in his direction
This is the classic way of trying to pretend that he’s just looking around or happened to look at your direction. It would have been fine if he just continued staring and kept himself in a daze but the moment he shifts his eyes, it gives everything away. That’s right, it’s just like he’s admitting to staring at you himself.


His eyes look like they’re shining and his pupils are bigger
When humans focus on looking at something, their pupils naturally expand. That’s a sign he’s focusing on you.

Use your phone camera and pretend to take a selfie
This is a trick to really know if he’s looking at you without exposing him outright. Simply take out your phone and pretending that you’re taking a selfie, tilting yourself towards his direction, then check out his eyes in the reflection.

Pretend to be uncomfortable
This will probably get him to approach you. Maybe you can yawn or cough or pretend to have a stomachache. Any guy stealing looks at you will notice immediately and if he’s really interested, he’ll at least come over and ask after you.

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