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6 Ways To Lose Weight By… Sleeping

There are all kinds of people in the world – skinny people, big-sized people, skinny people who want to gain weight, and bigger-sized people who want to shed some pounds to name a few. But there are also people who desperately want to lose weight without having to go through what they hate most – exercise.


Don’t sleep late
When you sleep, your body secrets a special type of hormone that can help repair your body and break down fats a lot easily. If you tend to sleep late, you should start trying to sleep early. Not only will you have better skin, your liver functions will improve, you will also be able to gain a lot lesser weight, according to various studies.

Don’t sleep less than 7 hours
Studies have shown that insufficient sleep can lead to certain hormonal changes that will lead one to want to eat more. With the sudden increase in calories intake, you will naturally start to gain weight.

Cultivate good pre-sleeping habits
What we mean is that you shouldn’t use any electronic devices an hour before your bedtime because it can affect the quality of your sleep. When you are experiencing poor quality of sleep, you tend to get more tired as the day goes by due to low energy which, in turn, will cause you to consume more carbohydrates that will cause weight gain.

Have good quality sleep
Do this by making sure that your blinds are completely closed at night, making sure that your surroundings are quiet, and that your room is well-ventilated. By not doing the above, you are sabotaging yourself by compromising your sleep quality. You might find yourself waking up in the middle of the night multiple times even if you might not remember it and that leads to poor sleep.

Don’t have caffeinated drinks or alcohol before bed
Enjoying a caffeinated beverage can cause you to be more awake at night – yes, it is a given. But having alcoholic drinks less than 3 hours before bed can also cause poor quality of sleep. You might think that alcohol makes you sleep better – it is true – but it also greatly reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep which is largely known to be restorative. Disruptions in your REM sleep can lead to daytime drowsiness, fatigue, and poor concentration which, you got it, decreases your energy levels and makes you eat more.

Have a light dinner
When you go to sleep with an empty stomach, your body is able to put more focus on restoring and rejuvenating your cells instead of on digesting the food in your stomach. This way, you experience less fatigue in the day and like the other points previously mentioned, you consume less carbohydrates and sugary foods which can keep weight gain at bay.

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