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6 weird things committed couples do that baffle singles

If you’ve been in a committed long-term relationship before—one that has marriage plans—you’ll know that the things you’re doing with your partner can be pretty puzzling to singles who have yet to set firm goals for their relationship. If you’re in a relationship now, why not check whether you’ve done any of these to determine whether your relationship is one that is committed?

You scold your partner for the simplest reason loudly
He could have forgotten to buy you your drinks or didn’t wash his hands after visiting the toilet. You’ll raise your voice (when no one is around) and scold him for minutes, and didn’t have second thoughts about it. Singles call it “not understanding enough”: committed couples call it “a way of life”.

You talk bad about each other but deep in your heart, you love him
A girls’ talk will comprise complaints about your boyfriend’s bad habits, his incompetence or basically everything bad about him, but deep within you, you’re saying all these just because you care for him and want him to improve. It’s something that science can’t explain, just like how guys can never understand girls.

You become another person when you’re with him
Even if you’re a career woman with tens of people under you, once you’re home with your boyfriend, you become that little girl who just wants to cook for your boyfriend. That’s not two-faced—that’s love that can’t be explained with words.

You quarrel with each other but always make up
If you’ve never quarreled before, you should either be prepared for one soon or be prepared for a break-up. All couples quarrel—no matter how petty they can be. The reason is simple: they care for each other just too much. Just think about it: have you ever quarreled with a friend whom you’re not close with?

You plan the future a lot with your partner
To singles, they won’t understand why a committed couple want to plan a future even when they’re not married. It’s because the dating honeymoon period is already over since the first year—whatever that occurs after that is just work to make marriage occur.

You’re inseparable from your partner
Even if you’re just with your partner for one month, one year or one decade, as long as you’re committed in the relationship, you just want to spend every single minute with him or her. Ask God why because we don’t know why, too.


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